What the primer for face and which one to choose?

Today website sympaty.net will tell you about what is primer for face, what is it used for how best to choose and how to apply.

Surely you care how other makeup remains perfect all day, and your Foundation, powder and shadows “float” time for dinner, and make-up constantly needs to be updated. So, blame the primer, or rather the lack of it!

So, getting familiar.

Primer for face: what is it?

The English word prime means “the first, primary, chief”. Primer is a base for your future makeup that should be applied before any other media.

This word has another meaning: to prime “to Prime”. That is, in fact, it is the primer, which is actually makeup. This tool can be without a toning effect or a slight tinge.

In addition, the primer may be different textures — liquid (silicone fluid) or dense matting (like a mousse or cream-colored powder).

Why use a primer?

If you ever do makeup from a professional makeup artist (and none of them complete without a primer in their work), then I saw how perfect was your face and how long to keep cosmetics. So let’s see in detail what the primer for face.

  • Hydration. You probably know that to apply makeup on dry skin can not. For deep hydration, by the way, great silicone primer, which retains moisture in the skin.
  • The alignment of the skin relief. The maximum smoothed face, hiding the wrinkles, bumps and even scars after acne.
  • The alignment of the complexion. Redness not only become invisible but disappear in fact, thanks to the calming effect means.
  • Masking faults. The color pigments allow you to disguise all the flaws — dark circles under the eyes, red spider veins, discoloration, etc.
  • Matting. Intensively mattifying primer is great for oily and combination skin as it eliminates Shine without clogging pores (acts as a barrier between skin and make-up).
  • The light reflectance. Often the basic tools are reflective microspheres that gently diffuse into the skin light, giving it an incredible Shine.
  • The ease of application of decorative cosmetics. And makeup and other cosmetics is much simpler and easier to apply on the skin.
  • The perfect “grip” the skin and makeup. The primer ensures durability of makeup, allows makeup to go even after long periods of time. It is indispensable for a hot summer or for those who have skin has a high fat content.

How to choose primer for the face?

As we have said above, this basic tool can be a variety of textures, colors and types. So what primer is best to choose for the face? Let’s take a look at what species it is divided in its purpose, because the skin we all are completely different.

Uneven complexion

If your main goal is to even out the tone, look the part with reflective particles. It has a shining pearly color, but don’t worry: the primer is applied under Foundation, but because excessive Shine will not.

Uneven skin texture

To make the skin perfectly smooth, better to choose a silicone primer. He has the ability to moisturize the skin, smooth out dry especially the place and “fill in” all its irregularities.

Excessive oiliness of the skin

Here you will need a mattifying primer — its texture is usually quite dense, and it is able to absorb excess oil throughout the day. This ensures perfect opacity and durability of makeup.

The abundance of facial wrinkles

Small wrinkles can appear even at a young age. And because you need to choose the means for local application designed specifically for masking wrinkles, and apply it in small amounts.

Signs of fatigue

Sometimes you need to quickly put your face back in order after a sleepless night. Then your makeup base with a yellow tint — it will help to hide dark blue under-eye circles.


If your skin is beige and brown pigment spots (e.g. from the abuse of the sun), look for a tool with a purple-violet shade — it will include the yellow pigment, and dark spots will be lighter.

Redness and spider veins

If the capillaries are too close to the surface layers of the skin, and often red, covered with stains, you should apply a special base concealer unusual greenish hue.

How to use primer: a step by step guide

Finally, the website sympaty.net provides competent step-by-step instructions on how to apply makeup base on face.

  • The skin must be cleaned and apply your regular daytime moisturizer. Just wait until it is completely absorbed (at least 15-20 minutes).
  • If you plan to use the primer constantly, it is better to buy a special flat brush — it is usually called consiglerei.
  • The tool is applied to the face points, and then distributed from the center to the edges are not smeared, and hammered movements, Pat brush.
  • Better to start with the forehead, nose and chin, and then move to the temples and cheeks.
  • If the tool with pigments, color (redness, pigmentation spots, blue circles), filter to only those areas that require it.
  • After the skin is completely processed, you should wait about 10 minutes for the primer to absorb into the skin and do its job — moisturize, smooth, even skin tone, etc.
  • Now apply makeup the way you used to do it. Start with concealer, and then use all the remaining funds.
  • Well, now you know exactly what primer, what is it good for, how to choose wisely and how to use it. Your makeup is perfect even in the most extreme situations!

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site ToKnow365.top

    What the primer for face and which one to choose?

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