What to bring from new York: interesting gifts, useful gifts and advice tourists

This article is suitable for those who are planning to visit America. Next, we’ll talk about what you can bring from new York to gift to loved ones. We will consider a variety of options and ideas.

Many tourists long to wander through the shops in search of interesting things for yourself and loved ones. But thanks to this article, you will be able to quickly select your desired gifts from new York.


America can be called a country of boutiques and shopping centers. Everything is focused on the consumers. Here are a lot of clothes. If you plan to save, then choose the outlets. There you can buy branded items with huge discounts up to 90%. In the US, send markdown items from past collections, as well as clothes with small defects. Usually outlets located along the highways.

Although it is possible to go shopping in new York and at the ordinary Mall. Here the clothes of local brands is cheaper than in Russia. In many local stores often run sales that make discount.

In new York, and across America, you can buy things the following brands:

  • American Apparel;
  • Levi’s;
  • Brooks Brothers.
  • Old Navy;
  • Lee;
  • Banana Republic;
  • Gap;
  • Wrangler.

We would like to highlight a brand of lingerie like Victoria’s Secret. In America every woman can look into the store of this manufacturer, feel and try on any model.

Also, we should remember the things I Love NY. Almost everywhere they sell the clothes with the famous inscription. If you want to save, buy clothes with this logo away from the main streets in the souvenir shops. Also you can buy things with the US flag. The price of one t-shirt on average is $ 10.


What to buy as a gift from new York? Quality shoes. But in this country it is not very cheap. When choosing shoes, pay attention to models of such American brands as:

  • Timberland;
  • Converse.

Also a pair of boots with uggs can look into the store brand UGG. It can be found in the nearby shopping centre. The cost of one pair is about 120 dollars.


What to bring from new York to present the girl? Decoration and, of course, Tiffany&Co. Just be prepared for the fact that such products are quite expensive. Some people believe that prices are too high. Despite this, fans of the store much. Almost every girl dreams of a nice blue box Tiffany’s.


Note that some American medications several times better than the Russian counterparts. So, thinking about what to bring from new York grandmother or grandfather, should pay attention to this group of products.

Also, experts suggest to buy us Supplements and vitamins. You can take vitamins specific groups and complexes. You can also purchase supplements for athletes.


What to bring from new York to his beloved wife or mom? Of course, the American cosmetics. Many women love. When choosing a gift from this group, you should pay attention to the following brands:

  • Urban Decay. Very much appreciated the mosaic of shadows this brand.
  • MAC.
  • Avalon Organics. It is a brand of organic cosmetics from America.
  • Burt’s Bees. It is a brand of organic cosmetics that is in high demand.
  • Also in store are cosmetics and other American brands. Therefore, any man can pick up a gift for the beloved woman.

    In special stores are a teeth whitener. The price is reasonable. The result after using happy. Do you want to have the famous “Hollywood” smile? Then go to shops to buy whitening strips for the teeth.


    In new York (and America in General) a lot of Starbucks. They can not only drink coffee but also buy your favorite variety. However, the prices here are high. Grain can be purchased in the supermarket under such brands as Marshall, Taster’s Choice. Company popular among Americans.

    Wine and Bourbon

    Alcohol in America do not sell to people under the age of 21. Therefore, always carry your documents. For a gift to a loved one you can buy California wine. As a souvenir you can take sparkling wine from the grape varieties Gros Verdot and Merlot. If you are looking for a gift for a lover of whiskey, you should pay attention to Bourbon.


    It is believed that beer is the national drink of modern America. In a bottle for a gift, better not to choose a beer. As a modest souvenir for a friend can buy a small metal tin.


    Children often are not interested in real life and virtual. So they care about what you can find Souvenirs from new York city in “Crisis 2” and not something that can lead them to relatives from America. And it’s a very good reason. Many sweets you can take. They can be purchased in local supermarkets with sweets.

    Most popular sweet souvenir is a well-known biscuits “Oreo”. Almost all the tourists carry these Goodies home. Sell in the us Oreos in a beautiful tin.

    Peanut butter

    What to bring from new York delicious? Peanut butter. Almost every American film is mentioned about this product. And it’s not a stereotype. Many Americans eat peanut butter in large quantities. You can purchase a jar for the family.

    Just remember that peanut butter is very fatty, and the taste may fail to please everyone. Choosing a product for children, pay attention to the butter, add crushed nuts, chocolate, jam.

    Candy bars Reese’s

    You can bring your own sweet tooth and this bar is in the orange packaging. That is a Reese’s? This biscuit layer with peanut butter, covered with chocolate. This company has more and candies, which are small “cups” of peanut butter. Such sweetness makes a wonderful gift for nephews.


    Delicious chocolate made in America. Besides the quality of it is excellent. Choosing gift, pay attention to the chocolate with interesting fillings, for example, Bourbon, pepper. You can buy it in regular supermarkets.

    Maple syrup

    Quite popular in America, such canadian sweetness, like maple syrup. It is sold in bottles in souvenir shops. If in new York you’ve tried the local pancake with maple syrup and you like the taste, then be sure to take a couple of bottles with you.

    When choosing a gift, take a small container made of glass. They are often made in the shape of maple (upside down) leaf. Purchased in plastic wrap for myself in the nearest supermarket.


    Well, of course, we cannot forget the candy. Sweet tooth will appreciate this gift. They can be purchased in confectionery departments in local supermarkets. Just know that the choice in new York large. I advise you to pay attention to the following sweets:

  • Do not miss the opportunity to visit the flagship store of M&M’s. There you can make a terrific shopping, buying sweets for yourself and your family. Note that huge packets of M&M’s can be found in supermarkets. Also there in a beautiful gift box presents a pre-packaged candy.
  • Salt water taffy. This is butterscotch. You can buy them in American supermarkets. A distinctive feature of the chocolates – sea salt water in the composition. They taste sweet and salty. These chocolates are quite tasty and unusual. They will be a wonderful gift for loved ones. Candy usually packaged in bright paper, which will be pleasing to the eye.
  • Twizzlers. It is a chewy candy with different flavors in the form of sticks. Very popular liquorice. But buying a gift to relatives, remember if they like licorice. This sweetness on the fan. You can purchase chewy candy assorted. A gift suitable for the whole family.
  • Souvenirs

    What Souvenirs to bring from new York? Most likely, you’ll want to purchase gifts in the form of reduced copies of famous tourist sites. It can be Golden Gate, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, Empire state building and much more. The souvenir shops are many such instances. Just know that the production of these Souvenirs is not the US, and China. But in America, you pay several times more expensive than if you ordered Souvenirs via the Internet.


    What to bring from new York to fans of movies and comic books “marvel”? There are many options. In America you can buy production line of Marvel for a reasonable price. It can be home goods, comic books, clothing, figurines, depicting favorite characters, and much more. Most often, these items are sold in special shops. Something may be suitable for a baby gift or a man-collector.

    Sports paraphernalia

    What to bring new York basketball fans and football? Worth a look in sports shops. Where you can buy the original form of the popular team ball printed autographs of famous players. Such things can be used not only as Souvenirs but also for its intended purpose.

    It is advisable to purchase sports memorabilia not in the tourist shops and special boutiques or Department stores.

    Christmas decorations

    If you went to this country on Christmas eve, visit local stores and malls. There you can choose beautiful Christmas decorations, home decorations, costumes and other goods.

    In such a country as America, very sensitive to Christmas. For this reason, it presents a large assortment of Souvenirs. Here you can purchase a set of Christmas decorations, both for themselves and for friends.

    Cigars and tobacco

    Plan to pick up a gift for the Smoking man? Then pay attention to the local production of tobacco and cigarettes from the USA. Of course, these products are not as popular as Cuban cigarettes. But still she is highly respected among consumers. Choosing cigarette and tobacco, should pay attention to such firms as Cuban Diploma, EL Original Tatuaje. In new York tobacco shops you can find tobacco products in gift packages.


    What Souvenirs from new York to bring the woman as a gift? Pay attention to the candles. They can be purchased in the shops of the famous brands. Candles it presents truly stunning.

    Great souvenir from new York is a candle with a traditional “American” flavors. For example, it may be the smell of roasted marshmallows at Christmas or Apple pie at Thanksgiving. There are different candles. You can buy a large miniature. There are candles, packaged in a beautiful gift box. This gift is a perfect gift for a close friend from new York.

    Indian and cowboy

    Those who like special Souvenirs, you should look in specialized shops. Where you can buy amulets Indians. You can also visit souvenir shops. They can buy boots and a cowboy hat.

    In the United States presents a large assortment of cowboy and Indian paraphernalia. As a gift to a guy can be purchased, for example, talismans, trinkets, native American dream catchers. For men you can pick up cowboy clothing. Just keep in mind that in gift shops the product quality is lower than in specialized, but the prices are not high.


    What else to buy in new York? Many people think that in this city it profitable to buy the gadgets and technology of Apple. But this is not true. Because the main production technology has migrated into Southeast Asia. Therefore, we can safely say that purchasing gadgets Apple is not in America. Although to bring equipment from the USA to Russia will be cheaper than to buy it in Russia.

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