What to do if a friend is annoying?

Don’t be surprised – so happens in life! A friend linked so many that knew you as a native person at some point begins to irritate communication deteriorates, starts, omissions and misunderstandings…

What to do if a friend is annoying, and is it worth trying to establish the sincerity and understanding in a friendship – will tell the website sympaty.net!

Why the friend becomes annoying?

In principle, the problem of “annoying girlfriend” can occur in two cases:

  • You impose your friendship is some person annoying you, and you can’t interrupt this meeting.
  • A friend with whom you’ve been friends for a long time, at a certain stage becomes annoying.
  • We will consider both situations.

    Let’s start with the first with you trying to make friends someone who annoys you. In General, if you really believe that this man is unpleasant and uninteresting, the solution is obvious – to give up the friendship.

    But in practice… Sometimes you have to be quite long to rush between decency and real desires: for example, to walk on the invitation of a new friend with her somewhere, unable to come up with a plausible excuse, etc. why such loyalty? You not more valuable than your own time and nerves?

    In General, learn to get rid of the annoying annoying “girlfriends”!

    The second situation starts to annoy a friend with whom you once spoke sincerely. Reasons:

    • You are clearly out of round “General” biography. For example, I finished University where studied together, changed the place or sphere of work (if friends at work), grew up and went to different schools your children-children of the same age, or you simply went away… and so it goes. It is difficult to artificially maintain the friendship, in which there is no unifying moment, and not every friendship can go through “fire and water”! Generally friendships outside circumstances happens very rarely, and do not expect it in every case!
    • A friend is going through some personal moment or a crisis that affects your communication. For example, I broke up with the guy whines and complains about her failed personal life. Or Vice versa – successfully married, and only boasts of his luck, not paying attention to your problem. One of two things – or “critical moment” will pass and things will get better, or are you really not on the way to the eternal whiner, or a lover of show-off and bragging rights!
    • You’ve changed, “evolved” friend. You have new interests and priorities you develop, and it stands on the site. No wonder you such a friend can be annoying!

    What to do with the annoying friendship to break or to revive?

    So you have a friend who wants to communicate with you, but you could find it burdensome and annoying… What to do with this friendship: to break you, but perhaps there are ways to make the relationship more enjoyable and no one is annoying?

    The website “ToKnow365.top” offers several “tests” that should all go on this friendship. If they all (or at least most) will be passed successfully – perhaps all is not lost!

    • To communicate the topics that irritate you. For example, recently gave birth to friend’s conversation brings to the baby and his malyatskii problems, and you is completely irrelevant and you only listen to be polite. Let me understand my friend that you do not understand the children can’t give sensible advice, with all their show of boredom and indifference if the topic still POPs up. Can directly ask to talk about something else and raise interesting questions. If after some “sessions” such communication “sore subject” is still actively rising, i.e. people to focus not see that it annoys you – congratulations, most likely you are as “free ears.” A friend already all around to “get” this topic, and only your politeness allows her favorite ride the horse. Draw conclusions – whether you need the kind of friendship where your interests are simply ignored? Although possible this scenario: a friend will understand your indifference to its pressing issues, and she will limit your communication, in order to find grateful free ears somewhere else!
    • To start demanding concessions in relation to itself. In this case, if the friend is annoying the constant “friendly” requests giving nothing in return. So don’t be shy – ask to go wherever you want, but it is not; ask to sit in the evening with your child; lend a dress to a party, etc. If requests meet adequately, then perhaps the friendship can be restored. It is possible that before the “unilateral movement” in your friendship brought you, suppressing their own initiative! But if a friend starts to resent the coming of equality, or would you prefer to reduce the communication, it probably just took advantage of you, alas…

    • Stop trying to fulfill requests that you burdened. Friend annoying all the time hanging on you some things you do only out of obligation? Enough. Do what you truly want to do. After all, most likely, in any “moral debt” you’re in front of it does not fit! Learn to reject based on “what she will think…”, “how to say no to her, do not dare…”, etc.
    • At some time stop the friendship, get lost. See, first, how a friend needs you: calling Lee, Lee writes, speaks and in some cases remembers you is to sincerely ask about your business, or simply when you have nothing to do and no one to chew the fat?

    But it also happens that all of the above “tests” your friendship is, but… friend is still annoying! It happens. Perhaps your paths with this man went – if once you have something together, now you find it difficult to find common ground, you and she could change!

    By the way, how are the former girlfriends, our site wrote!

    Author –Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    What to do if a friend is annoying?

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