What to do if husband is constantly sitting at the computer?

“My husband has a mistress. He is with her always: the morning starts with her in the evening with her, he buys her gifts.” And it would seem that everything is clear! But no, the mistress” – an iron machine called the computer. And here is how to get rid of her in his family life is unclear. After all, you took it voluntarily. The husband sits at the computer what to do with this complex issue understands Sympaty.net.

With this problem faced by many. And those who only recently put on the wedding ring. And those who simply live together. And those who have married.

It would seem: love, intimacy… But after hundreds together, watched movies, thousands of kilometres often in the evenings to do nothing together. And each withdraws into himself.

You – drawing, cooking, talking with friends. And he – tanks, forums, social networks, autos, etc. But sometimes, you go back, and he didn’t. Why?

The husband sits at the computer: what to do? Advice from Sympaty.net

In solving the problem we proceed from the reason why the husband and the computer have become an inseparable tandem.

Reason # 1. He likes it more

Man always tends to go where he feels love, where it is good. And, unfortunately, sometimes to accuse her husband that he is always sitting at the computer, just pointless.

Ban, insist – he might stop. But good? Want you can’t stop. Without you or at any other opportunity he will go back there.

So, with you and the family he is not interested.

It is not valued, it is not needed, do not give him opportunities to prove himself, sawing – lots of reasons. There is simply a prohibition does not solve the problem, it is necessary to remove the cause.

  • Determine the cause of the boredom and the removal men. They say that a man comes home to relax. If a man is more like to be at the computer, it means that you “heavy”: push, saw, always annoyed, do not look, speak only about the children, do not pay attention to relations with him as with a man, etc. Reasons.
  • At least as of the experiment abruptly change one behavior model to another. For example, if on his return home, you immediately rush to solve questions and ask when he will hang the cornice and paint the door, now silent, feed, hear. In other words, find the field to change.
  • Watch: after what events in your life husband plays on the computer? After I talk to you? After you solve a question? In short, establish a relationship, to continue to solve will be much easier.
  • Remember when IT started. This approach also can help.
  • To tear the husband from the computer you cannot, it is only the can break away. Ask what he lacks. This does not mean that has to change only you, initiate the conversation, maybe he is also waiting for him.

Reason # 2. You are exaggerating

It happens that women are sounding the alarm, when her husband moves away slightly, believing that the happy couple as the lovebirds must always be together, always. Male psychology says the opposite: sometimes a man needs to go away, to feel free, slightly spread your wings and then again to get back to you. And Yes, personal space has not been canceled.

  • Think maybe it’s not so scary? Assess the situation soberly: can’t your husband constantly on the computer, and you just do nothing?
  • If the first item is your option, it is time to become samodostatochnato find something for everyone, be implemented in some way.

Reason # 3. The costs of the profession

If your husband is also at a computer at home, it could be just inability to lose. He used to spend time with the screen and including a game for 5 minutes, hovered there for a day, no wonder.

Everything you need just force to tear it for something more enjoyable. Now we offer you ways of other women: a fun, creative and conventional.

Of life: unusual and fun ways to wean her husband from the computer

  • I turned off the home computer (we have a landline) from the socket, and it hung a note saying “I’m better;)”. It worked! Marinka
  • Changed his desktop Wallpaper – put their candid photos. Worked sometimes, especially at first, but then stopped. Red
  • Write to him in the social network or Skype from the kitchen of different varieties. Responds comes, and then – on the situation. Foxy
  • Hang him on the monitor funny little notes with different proposals: candid poses and places to confessions. After that he wants me to be. Marie
  • Began to play with him in his games. Now we are there together, and then together go to sleep or walk. Vika
  • Sat on bbPress, asked to tell what was interesting, what he’s doing. Now listen regularly to about what is news, who has the better engine and who is just “antler crank.” Christie
  • Found my “hang-up”. Wean her husband from the computer for me was simple – I showed him it. Tick
  • When he goes to the computer, I go to the kitchen to create something myself letting go of the whole situation. Whether the smells are, or realizing that I don’t expect anything from him, he comes, asks: “what’s the yummy smell?” Marietta

If you manage to separate the couple “man and computer”, it is important not to lose time and start to introduce new family traditions, fun. About how to diversify family entertainment we already wrote, read, choose.

If you have had this issue, please share how you solved it?

Author – Love Segalove, site ToKnow365.top

What to do if husband is constantly sitting at the computer?

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