What to do if popped pimple?

On the eve of any event ladies try to devote more time to care for themselves. And nothing can disappoint more than the appearance of any skin blemish. Its most charming and attractive to readers of women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today, give a few tips on what to do if popped pimple.

These simple guidelines will certainly help lovely ladies to avoid disorder in the case where their beautiful skin suddenly disfigure the ugly sore tubercle.

Popped pimples on the face: what not to do

If the skin appeared dense red bumps with white ripening core, in no event it is impossible to squeeze by hand, even after a good wash the brush with antibacterial soap. The fact that during the mechanical treatment of pimple there is always a risk that a small proportion of its contents will remain inside.

This can lead to a recurrence of inflammation, and in some cases, to amplification of the inflammatory process beneath the skin.

Besides, after extruding the pimple to the skin may be left with a scar, which is unlikely to decorate the face.

There is a perception that the inflamed acne, should burn with alcohol or treat alcohol-containing lotion. But cosmetologists do not recommend to do that, because this way you can dry out the skin and provoke the emergence of new foci of inflammation.

Some people buy in a pharmacy special antibiotic ointments and applied such proceeds to the pimple. But this method of treatment of a defect is considered to be unsafe. Without consulting a doctor is not necessary to apply any antibacterial agents.

To cope with pimples may be other, safer ways.

What to do if you have a pimple

The website sympaty.net recommends to remove acne with any one of the following methods:

  • Take a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol solution of iodine and gently apply a small amount of solution directly onto the seal. If you do this procedure before bed, by morning the zit is significantly reduced. But a burning need very carefully, trying to reduce the time of contact of the skin with iodine to a minimum. So as not to burn, you can dilute the iodine with boiled water in the ratio 1:1.
  • If you popped a big pimple, to help compress of aloe leaf. You need to divide a fresh sheet halfway and apply to the wart cut. Compress attach with adhesive. Aloe is usually left on the skin overnight. During this time, the sheet draws the pus out of the pimple and removes redness. If no aloe, replace it with a sheet or even crassula Kalanchoe.
  • Spot treating acne essential oil of tea tree. With the same purpose are allowed to use a mixture of oils of lavender and tea tree (in the ratio 1:1). This method helps relieve inflammation if red popped pimple.
  • To make a compress with infusion of chamomile, calendula and birch bark. These plants have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.
  • To make a compress with Vishnevsky ointment, applying gauze impregnated with ointment, at the site of inflammation for a couple of hours. The compress will help to remove the seal at the site of inflammation, remove redness, accelerate healing of the injured area. Similar action has also Ichthyol ointment.
  • To wash decoction of chamomile, green tea, calendula, or tar soap. If you popped a few small pimples, this method will allow to remove and stop the spread of inflammation.
  • A point to put on acne zinc ointment.
  • To perform the procedure darsonvalization.
  • To do the mask with blue clay. This type of clay has excellent cleansing properties. But when it is used on inflamed areas is impossible to allow the mask to dry.
  • If a pimple has popped up and is almost ready to reveal himself, can he have a little help. To do this, carefully cleanse your face and hands and to remove the remains of the pimple with a cotton disk.
  • In the early stages of inflammation from acne helps regular ice. You just need to wrap an ice cube in cheesecloth and apply to the redness. To hold it for a few moments. The cold stops the development of infection, but to use this method be very careful not to get frostbite.
  • With acne can cause skin mineral powder with green tea extract and zinc. Morning inflammation becomes less noticeable.

The dramatic appearance of pimples on the face most familiar to people who have oily skin. The ladies, which nature has given this type of skin, you need to properly care for your face so ugly pimple jumped up on his forehead right on the eve of a first date.

What to do to pimples do not pop up

If the pimples on the face have become frequent visitors, it is necessary to take measures to prevent their occurrence:

  • Follow the simple rules of hygiene: less likely to touch your face with your hands, wash your face twice a day, wash hands thoroughly.
  • To cleanse your face with the help of additional measures, using clay masks, steam baths with herbal decoctions, home-made lotions. Perfectly cleans and dries the skin lemon juice. Better to use it in pure form and in aqueous solution, diluted in half with boiled water. But in the presence of inflammation even be applied dissolved in water the juice on the face impossible.
  • To care for the skin using cosmetics that contains essential oil of tea tree and extract of green tea.
  • Times a day to wash with lye soap. The smell of this means it is impossible to call pleasant, but with regular use of tar soap gives a more noticeable effect than any other expensive makeup.
  • Unfortunately, even the observance of all rules of care for oily skin prone to inflammation, is not always 100% accurate result.

    If the pimple jumped up and in a short time to cope with it failed, you need to learn how to mask the defect.

    Popped a big pimple: how to hide it

    Any inflammation on the face are a contraindication to the use of conventional cosmetics.

    Especially not recommended in such cases to apply to the skin cream because funds of this kind can clog the pores and provoke the exacerbation of inflammatory processes.

    Masking the pimple, it is recommended to use the following cosmetic products:

  • Green concealer. There are special scissors with green tea extracts, which not only effectively conceal redness, but also stop the inflammatory process.
  • Mineral powder. It should be applied over the corrector, so that the defect will be completely invisible. Besides, a mineral remedy will not cause any harm to the skin, on the contrary, powder with natural makeup is to combat inflammation.
  • If you popped one pimple, when his disguise is better to abandon the use of the sponge, and for processing the area of inflammation is to use a separate brush. All the tools after applying makeup we need to wash.

    If the face popped out more than 10 pimples that does not respond to treatment at home, you should contact the dermatologist. It will help to find out the cause of acne and prescribe the proper treatment of the disease with the help of medicines.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What to do if popped pimple?

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