What to do if there is no understanding from her husband?

This problem couples face a lot more often than it may seem. Sometimes marriage seems to be quite successful – but there is no understanding from her husband, and the wife begins to seem that she lives under the same roof as a stranger to her, a man who does not understand…

How to get out of this situation – will tell women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Why lose the understanding with the husband?

Of course, we don’t know what happened in your family – life is complex and diverse, and the relationships of each pair has its own pitfalls. You will be able to find and bypass your “reefs”.

But we offer a few typical scenarios – as lovers gradually lose their understanding. Maybe in one of them you learn your case…

  • If marriage for a woman was some special barrier, an end in itself cosamoza its entire life, it is very common that after marriage she ceases to look for interaction and intimacy with spouse. This is akin to how politicians before the elections actively organize various charity events, and then happily forget about voters with their problems. If earlier the woman had set himself the goal is to drag men to the Registrar at any price, then of course, she spoke with him, searched for all possible aspects of convergence…. But when the man said “Yes” and put a ring on it, then why want any special understanding on? After all, home life and children unite themselves, the husband had not run away anywhere – you can exhale, relax and start living your interests… If in a couple there is no conflict, then in this condition you can live for decades in the same house but not together…
  • With the advent of the child with the husband not understanding. According to surveys among married couples, that is couples with children under the age of 3 years are most likely to consider themselves unhappy or happy enough. For women, the world is confined to a small child. My husband feels “forgotten toy”. The situation is compounded by the fact that his wife once (or not want) to think about the experiences of her husband, but she constantly calls him and the financial security of the family and help with the housework, and participate in the care of the baby…
  • And whether it was the understanding? There are marriages that occur spontaneously, in the heat of love, when mutual understanding was replaced by a violent passion… And after some time it turns out that you do not understand the person who was next to you. If so, then you still have to reach an understanding with the husband!
  • You grew out of your marriage. As this may sound terrible, but it happens. Two people at a certain stage of life are close to each other, but… after some time it becomes clear that their personal development went different ways, and they become each other uninteresting and incomprehensible… for Example, a married student and a student from one University. After graduation, he successfully starts a business, travels to different business trainings, etc., becomes a business man. And she “settles” it’s home, gives birth, couple of years is disqualified, does not acquire any new skills, instead, for example, became interested in the esoteric. It is highly likely that a successful businessman and home broody with chudesnii religious beliefs do not have understanding, and will not be able to find it. These people simply went to different roads. Perhaps a better solution for them to separate and find new partners who will accept them for what they have become to this point.

How to live with your husband, if there is no understanding?

There are three variants of development of events, if you realized that you have no rapport with her husband. None of them is easy and simple, all have significant disadvantages.

But you have to be one of the solutions to move on and not sweeping the problem in an even more remote corner.

  • To leave and find a new man. This is an option for when you realize that they are completely different people (worldview, values, interests, etc.), and understanding husband would cost you both the refusal of many personal desires and aspirations.
  • To live together but without violating the personal space of each other, not interfering in the lives of husband/wife, without having to store loyalty. Many couples recognize that this is a good outlet for some time – some kind of companionship. If you for some reason want to stay with this option, you need to honestly discuss the situation together with her husband and to understand – are you satisfied with it or someone will feel cheated?
  • To return rapport with her husband. It’s hard work, but if you want to keep your family something you need it!

None of the options is not the most correct, wise and noble – because the initial situation is also different, the same solution may prove to be a blessing and a curse. You should feel, what you want is actually what you will least regret.

How to find common ground with your husband?

What to do if you want to understand your loved one, and to be as clear and close to him?

  • Talk with your spouse. Not household conversations “where to buy how much to spend, what to cook,” namely an exchange of thoughts, dreams, opinions about events, etc.
  • Do something together. From joint business before frying potatoes. It is important not to overdo it – do not impose the husband and not strive to do absolutely everything together! It must be personal time, and some classes not requiring a partner. But even small things make you closer.
  • Try to read the same books, watch movies together, etc. – will be discussed.
  • Delve into problems of a spouse, try to feel his mood. This is a very important aspect of understanding – the willingness to support her husband, at least morally, in his / her life difficulties.
  • He did not impose his opinion, let him understand that even in those matters in which your views diverge, the wife does not require him necessarily in agreement with her point of view. Allow your husband to do, think and say what he sees fit.

To return the understanding with the husband – it means to begin to understand it, not to change or rehabilitate! Because the true understanding is when two people accept each other such what are!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to do if there is no understanding from her husband?

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