What to do if you have no appetite during pregnancy?

It is considered that a woman who is expecting a baby, attacks zhor.

Sometimes pregnant actually surprise surrounding the wolf’s appetite and ability to absorb large portions of food. Perhaps that is why, when you have no appetite during pregnancy, expectant mothers begin to worry about the health of your baby. About what to do pregnant with aversion to food, and tell today women’s site “ToKnow365.top“.

Poor appetite in early pregnancy

The period of carrying a child every woman begins with hormonal changes in the body, therefore it may cause nausea and vomiting. It poor health in pregnant women is often due to the fact that she has no appetite during pregnancy in the early stages.

The pregnancy is all different, some women discomfort, characteristic of morning sickness, may occur in the evening. In this case, it very likely becomes the almost complete loss of appetite.

But even this should not scare a future mother, because any fears only exacerbate poor health and have a negative impact on all processes of the pregnant body.

Gynecologists claim that loss of appetite in early pregnancy that occurs on the basis of toxicity in the first trimester of pregnancy is normal and does not poses any danger to the health of the mother or for fetal development. In order to survive this transitory process as painless as possible, the website sympaty.net recommends that pregnant women follow these rules:

  • It is impossible to panic and stressful situations try to avoid. Any unrest harm the body of the expectant mother is no less than malnutrition. Moreover, stress is one of factors causing the lack of appetite during pregnancy.
  • It is important to remember that in the first trimester of pregnancy, the quality of food eaten is much more important than its quantity. So instead of force to push yourself in the stomach a serving of mashed potatoes with a cutlet, it is better to eat a small bowl of light vegetable soup with chicken broth or salad.
  • Take vitamins and minerals. Morning sickness often occurs when the lack of some micronutrients, such as vitamin B6, magnesium, and folic acid.
  • Try if possible to take a walk in the fresh air: this helps reduce the symptoms of toxicosis.
  • Stick to your diet. Fried and spicy food and smoked products, marinades can irritate the stomach thereby increasing the feeling of nausea.
  • Before you get out of bed in the morning, eat cookies. Doctors claim that it helps relieve nausea and improve appetite.
  • By about the 13th week of pregnancy morning sickness recedes. But sometimes the discomfort continues to torture the mother and at a later time. This goes beyond the norm and is the reason for the adoption of some measures.

    No appetite during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester: what to do?

    In the case where a pregnancy becomes a torture with nausea and vomiting, weight loss and loss of strength, it is necessary to seek help at a fertility clinic. Typically, when such symptoms future mother sent for treatment to the hospital, where they treat severe morning sickness with special preparations.

    After this treatment the condition of a pregnant woman, usually improved, and she calmly wears the pregnancy.

    Lack of appetite during pregnancy without any further unpleasant symptoms is rare. However, sometimes it happens in women suffering from some chronic diseases of the digestive system. In such situations, the expectant mother is recommended:

  • Eat fractional, every 2-3 hours. Try to eat foods that provide the body with proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the right quantity.
  • Become more physically active. It is useful to go to special groups for new moms in fitness centres: it stimulates the appetite and improves overall health.
  • To meet other women, awaiting the appearance of kids, and in company with them to eat in cafes are often the kinds of people, dinner or supper with pleasure, excites hunger.
  • Try to vary the menu, to cook new dishes. Interest in their taste helps stimulate the appetite.
  • To eat on a strict regimen that forcing myself to eat regular healthy dish.
  • To take vitamins. They compensate for the lack of necessary substances, resulting from poor appetite.
  • Sometimes it also happens that in the first and second trimester a woman eats normally and feels good, and then notes that almost ceased to feel hunger. If you have no appetite during pregnancy in the third trimester, the reasons may lie in the physiological changes of the body and health problems in future moms.

    Why no appetite during pregnancy in the later stages

    In 3 trimester of pregnancy, expanded uterus back stomach, making the expectant mother, decreased appetite, and after food is often a heartburn. To reduce appetite during pregnancy in the later period may be other factors:

  • Improper diet and nutrition. Many expectant mothers complaining about a lack of appetite, admit that all day I drink only tea, not even suspecting that thus blunting hunger. Gynecologists advise that if you have no appetite during pregnancy in the later stages, try to change your diet, making it diverse.
  • The new regime of the day. In the last months expectant mothers are usually on maternity leave and all the days hold, almost without leaving home. This way of life and causes them loss of appetite.
  • The fear of the approaching birth. Loss of appetite during pregnancy in the nervous system – also very common. The expectant mother is experiencing such a strong fear, it is useful to consult a gynecologist and ask him to prescribe sedatives.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive tract. Because of this a pregnant woman there is a feeling of discomfort in the stomach, depriving her of an appetite. In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist, so he prescribed a treatment and made recommendations on diet.
  • Loss of appetite during pregnancy is not accompanied by weight loss, by itself, does not pose a threat to women’s health. So future mommies noticed that to eat them was to want less, need not panic and think about changing your routine and diet.

    And yet – try to change the mood to positive and optimistic. After the moment of the birth of the baby she needs to be energetic and healthy. Only in this case the woman will be able to feel all completeness of happiness from motherhood.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What to do if you have no appetite during pregnancy?

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