What to do if your ear ache in a child?

When my child first got sick ear what to do in such a situation, of course, I didn’t know. The answer to this question I tried to find on the Internet. But in addition tips on that kids ear something will need to drip or insert a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, to find a suitable (i.e. safe) way to ease the pain in the ear and I did not succeed.

Naturally, I did not test the effectiveness of these tips on your child, and, without thinking, went to the clinic. As it turned out, it was the only solution. And now in the pages of women’s website “ToKnow365.top” I want to share with you what I learned from a children’s ENT doctors: what to do mom, if it hurts your ear in a child, how to treat and how to prevent the occurrence of otitis media in children.

Otitis media and its causes

Otitis media is an inflammation that occurs in one of the departments of the ear.

Because the human ear consists of three departments: external, middle and internal single otitis external, middle and internal ear. In the vast majority of cases hurt the ears of children in relation to otitis of the middle ear, the middle ear is the cause of any discharge from one or both ear canal and it leads to a temporary, and in case of untimely or incorrect self-healing and permanent hearing damage.

So everything you read below will apply to otitis media.

The middle ear is a tympanum with three sound seeds inside. If the pressure in the tympanic cavity is normal (i.e. equal to atmospheric), the middle ear is functioning correctly. Should the pressure level is maintained by a special canal – Eustachian tube, which is located between the tympanic cavity and the pharynx, connects them.

Swallowing this channel opens, the middle ear is ventilated, so that the pressure therein and aligned.

It is clear that inflammation in the ear just can not arise: in the ear there are no prerequisites.

The child’s ears begin to hurt when the tympanic cavity pressure changes. In young children the cause of this are most often inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx.

Usually, otitis media in children is the most common complication after ORVI: improper blowing your nose thick contents from the nose gets into the Eustachian tube is ventilation of the tympanic cavity is broken, the pressure in it changes and leads to inflammation.

Hurt the ears in a child: treatment

First of all Sympaty.net focuses your attention on the fact that complete information should not be used as a guide to action: before you start the treatment, sore ear needs to see an ENT doctor. Treatment can be assigned only on the results of the inspection.

As you may have guessed, if it hurts one or both of the ear in a child should immediately go to the doctor, as any initiative from your side can end sadly.

There are several stages of otitis media, each of which requires its own treatment.

  • Catarrhal otitis media , the initial stage of the disease, manifested by nasal congestion, tinnitus and pain. Timely begun treatment there is every chance that the ear will not pass the second stage.

At this stage you can do drops in the ear with antiseptic and analgesic effects. When it hurts your ear a little kid, it is almost always accompanied by an increase in temperature, so with confidence I can say that will take the antibiotic (which the doctor says).

And be sure to vasoconstrictor nose drops, even if there is a cold and nose breathing: it is necessary to remove the swelling and to equalize pressure in the tympanic cavity. If during the inspection of pus in the ear is not, the doctor may recommend a warm compress on the ear.

  • Suppurative otitis media is a stage in which the cavity of the ear is intensively formed and accumulates pus, after which the eardrum is torn (is punctured) and is suppuration.

To hurt the ear will be a child until then, unless there is a perforation of the eardrum and the cavity of the ear will not gradually be freed from pus. If necessary, a small incision of the eardrum will make a doctor. Once that happens, the pain will begin to subside, the temperatures subside, the child’s condition to improve. Before any heat treatments – anti-inflammatory ear drops (which, again, the doctor says) and continue to give the child antibiotics.

With proper and timely treatment there comes the recovery stage, during which disappear symptoms of otitis media, there is a healing perforated eardrums and hearing is restored. Normal hearing should be restored within 3-4 months.

What to do if sick at night, the ear in a child?

Us with a child, you can say lucky: the ear he fell ill early in the day, we have had the opportunity to immediately go to the doctor, which we did. But it often happens that rooting your ear begins at the child when to get on reception to the expert it is not possible: late evening, night, weekend or holiday.

What to do in this case? The main thing – not to self-medicate!

In your power greatly to alleviate the child’s pain in the ear, and waiting for the morning, it is easy to go with him to the doctor.

First aid for pain in the ear is as follows:

  • give the child a painkiller, which is likely to have in your home first-aid kit (Nurofen, Ibufen, etc.);
  • drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops from the same home kit. And do “not confuse” absence of runny nose and normal nasal breathing: the nose in this case at anything. Under the action of the drug narrowed blood vessels and stop the pressure on the tympanic cavity;

For persuasiveness I will add that when it starts to hurt your ear in a child, Komarovsky advises to do the same. And here is what he parents do not advised to until the kids ear will not be examined by a doctor:

  • instilled into the ear of anything on the advice of friends, “experienced” mothers, grandmothers: i.e. not to self-medicate;
  • warm the affected ear warmer, salt and other folk remedies. You know, if the ear has already accumulated pus, thus you’ll only hurt your child.

If the mother feels the urge to make a hot compress, being sure that the ear of the child so won’t hurt, you can do the following. Take a thick layer of cotton wool to completely cover them sore ear on cotton wool to put plastic wrap and secure it all (with a bandage, a scarf, and it’s better to wear a hat).

Dr. Komarovsky says that this procedure does not affect neither the recovery time nor in reducing pain, but does not harm the ear and even saves it from painful touches (cushion, etc.).

Here he advises to do the Dr. Komarovsky for pain in the ear in a child:

How to prevent otitis media

Often hurt the ears of those children whose parents do not pay enough attention to the prevention of colds. What is the connection? It’s simple: if the nose is empty, the risk of otitis media is virtually nonexistent.

But as all little children get sick periodically (some more often, others less) and a rare cold without the runny nose, it is important to teach them how to properly blow your nose: not much, and not two nostrils at once, and individually.

Here, perhaps, and all mom needs to know about otitis media in children. I hope my experience and tips Dr. Komarovsky will help you with the baby to avoid this trouble or if it really happened that quickly to cope with it.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

What to do if your ear ache in a child?

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