What to do in the office?

Going to work for a young mother is always a challenge. And it’s not in the team, which for this time could be drastically updated, or that time spent on maternity leave, she ceased to feel professional, and that before the business mother periodically the question arises: “who is to keep the baby?”

Agree, situations when the need arises, abound. Well, as most of our readers — working moms, a women’s website “ToKnow365.top” decided to help them to resolve the issue of whether to be a child in the office, and how to make it stay there went smoothly for mom and the whole team.

To take or not to take…

Most moms will say that a small child has no place in the office, and will be absolutely right.

But the remaining part will not be so categorical, because to combine work and motherhood is no easy task. This is especially difficult for business-mothers in the days when daycare or school is closed for refurbishment, quarantine vacation.

And don’t forget the situation when the boss asks you to work on a legal holiday, etc.

Of course, if you have a nanny, grandmother or other relatives who are always ready to help you, to take the child to the office is not necessary.

But being a working mom when in the office Abraham, and to leave the child with whom? The answer is obvious, but here it is necessary to consider where you work, job difficulty, if you can, while at the same time to do their job and distracted by the baby.

But that distracted him have, to be sure.

And, of course, need to consider the opinions of superiors and colleagues on this issue. If your boss forbids to bring children to the office, then it is better to take the day off and spend the day with your child.

If the inhabitants of your office have nothing against a little “employee”, then you should think about what to take in while you are working.

What to do in the office?

How the child will behave in office, largely depends on you.

If you are going to take it with you to work, don’t think it will sit where you put him in. Even the most calm baby won’t stay long in one place. So you have to prepare thoroughly. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” is you my lessons for a little restless.

For a start let the child be the Explorer, in advance agreed with him that it will not distract from the work of other adults. The child in the office only for one viewing you will need half an hour or more.

When he tired of just watching, offer him a class from a list of Sympaty.net.

  • Using the photocopier make the kid a colouring book (about what they are going to paint, it is advisable to take care in advance). Copy can be anything: a chart from the report, several round rubber bands, page from a children’s book or using “service” to the Internet, download to it a couple of ready-made colorings.
  • When he tired to paint, give him regular staples. No, better if they are colored, they make great toys that have at some time will occupy children in the office. Girl of colored paper clips can make jewelry for myself and mom (necklace, bracelet, etc.), and the boy will turn out a highway to race on the cars from matchboxes or connected by staples erasers.

  • While the child is occupied, you for a few minutes, take a break and walk around the room, unbeknownst to him putting up on the furniture and equipment sticky notes (in the office this is certainly). When the child bored in the office playing with paper clips, ask him to find and bring you all the stickers.
  • Of old business cards child can make their business cards from them as you can make a deck of cards, to come up with their card game, use them as money to play “Store” and more. .
  • Let the child be your assistant: to bring water to the flowers and water them, empty the trash in the trash with a paper towel to wipe the dust from your Desk, to hand over documents to a colleague at the next table. Such errands will not only be interesting to the child, but also help him feel his importance in your eyes.
  • Print any text, give the child a “corrector” and ask him to paint all of the letter “a” in the text.
  • Free computer, include baby cartoons, download which stick you were still at home, and watch them it can headphones.

When the child is tired from a long stay in the walls of the office, take a pause and leave it outside – let him run, get some air, in a word, to let off steam. Spilling the excess energy on the street, back in the office behave it will be much better.

The child in the office: reviews

If you are going to bring the baby to work, it would be nice to know the opinion of the staff on this occasion. A direct question is unlikely you will get a truthful answer – at best you will hear that they will be happy your kid in the worst – that they don’t care.

So Sympaty.net studied the opinion of employees on this issue and tells how they relate to the finding of the child in their office.

  • Don’t like it when my employees come to work with children: this affects the performance of the entire team. Mariska
  • No matter how obedient the child was, he would still be all the way. Flirty
  • In an emergency you can, of course, come in home team, but doing it in order is considered invalid. Natasha
  • All my employees know to bring children to the office is strictly prohibited. If absolutely no one with whom to leave the child, it’s better take the day off. Jeanne
  • Well, brought the child to the office, and if the mother suddenly talks, or other significant working time? Someone with a child to babysit? No, no thank you… Mila
  • We have to work this often happens, and nothing is normal. Life happens: today, a colleague brought, and tomorrow, and you may need… so is tolerated. Christie
  • My mom’s at work grew, so nothing terrible in it do not see. Well child, well, come, I have someone else’s children does not prevent. Irishka
  • If not often and only for a few hours, for example, after kindergarten or school, it is possible and to suffer. Do not be the same child one, really. Chris
  • Most of our employees are parents, so the attitude towards children in the office loyal. I agree that the office seat for baby really bad, but leave it at home alone or with unreliable people is not the answer. So of the two evils… grace

As you can see, the child in the office – not the best, but sometimes the only way out of the situation. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” advises seldom to resort to it and be sure to take into account the collective opinion on this issue.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

What to do in the office?

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