What to do in the old year and how to prepare for the new year?

The new year is steadily approaching. And with it comes the desire for change, the desire to make next year your life even better than it was before. This means that it is time to take stock of the passing year and begin to make new plans, set themselves even higher goals.

A little more — and we’ll absorb new year’s vanity, but because the site “ToKnow365.top” recommends to determine in advance the list of things you need to do in the old year.

1. Sleep

Getting up every day to work, we think about how it would be good to sleep longer. Sometimes this idea for a long time not letting us go, but a state of weakness does not leave for several days. Don’t take a fatigue in the new year. And don’t let drowsiness ruin your holidays.

Try to carve out at least a day to sleep in — it’s the easiest, but the most important thing you have to do in the old year.

2. To arrange General cleaning

Bring your house in order, point to all rooms clean, put all things in their rightful places. Place your order and also at your workplace. Don’t forget to clean and organize the folders and files on your computer.

You’ll soon notice that by organizing the space around you, you are thus put in order and their inner world.

3. To say goodbye to the old and unnecessary

Each of us carries the whole baggage of unnecessary things that just feel sorry to leave. It’s important to do in the old year? To define what long lost to you, and to find the strength to say goodbye to him.

Someone decides to send in the trash old makeup and out of fashion dress, and someone will realize that the most unnecessary and painful in her life are insincere friendship or a dead end job. Let the past also depart bad habits, extra pounds and boring hair.

4. To distribute the debt. To fulfill the promises. Complete projects

Try not to move in the new year with unfinished business, and make them in the old year. Put points wherever possible.

Free your thought. In the new year is better to be free.

5. Buy gifts

Make a list of gifts for their family, friends and colleagues (here we are advised that it is possible to choose as a Christmas gift). Start slowly to cook them. This activity will not only guarantee your festive mood, but also bring you a genuine pleasure.

Because nothing beats the joy we feel making someone happy.

6. To forgive others

Another important thing that should be done in the old year, is to forgive all those who have wronged you.

Write on a sheet of paper the names of the offenders, and then tear or burn that piece of paper. Not worth it for a long time to keep negative feelings in your heart. And don’t forget to include in the list itself. There are always those things that we regret and for which angry with yourself.

However, don’t beat yourself up. You need to find the strength to move on.

7. To enroll in a beauty salon

Think about how you will look in new year night. Consider the shape in advance and buy the dress, shoes and accessories. Make an appointment with the hairdresser and beautician. Agree about the manicure.

Better to do it all in advance as closer to the holidays, you’ll be faced with huge queues and to get anywhere without an appointment will be simply impossible. Isn’t it important to have time to do all this in advance, in the old year?

8. Go shopping

The last week before the new year is a time of discounts and sales. Update your winter wardrobe, find gifts for family and friends at a reasonable price, and just pospolite is the best time for this to find.

9. Make a plan of action for the next year

What also must be done in the old year, is to make a list of what we have long dreamed of, but never managed to implement today.

Learn Spanish, learn to do the splits, to visit in India? Maybe it’s time for decisive steps. Don’t delay, enroll in the appropriate courses and to book tickets.

Let the new year your ideas will finally be realized.

10. Think about your leisure

And also to do that in the old year. To the new year holidays were not for you and members of your family routine, consider in advance where you would like to go to this weekend.

The Central tree, children’s show, a new restaurant — let every day brings you something new.

11. Take care of your health

At the dentist you weren’t already a long time ago, and the trip to a chiropractor aside, despite the bad back? What you just have to get done in the old year, is to take their health under control.

12. Make garlands and toys on the Christmas tree with their hands

It’s time to decorate your home for the New year and it must be done in the old year. Once in your home will be a magnificent shimmering lights tree, you immediately realize the holidays are just around the corner. Well, in order to make the New year even dolgozhdannoe, try to make some decorations for the Christmas tree with their hands.

Step-by-step instructions in the Internet you can find a huge variety, and hand-made decoration will remind you about these pre-holiday days for many years.

13. Remember all your friends and acquaintances

You are from year to year postponed a meeting with former classmates, classmates and just old friends? In anticipation of the holidays take the time to meet or call them. And if time quite a bit, just find them on social networks and wish them a happy New year! This is not least of all, it is important to do in the old year.

14. To tell fortunes

Gather your friends and organize the evening of new year’s eve divination. So you can not only have a good time, but also comprehend what exactly you expect from your future.

15. To plan a vacation

What else can you do in the passing old year, is to consider not only their work but also rest. Decide beforehand where you would like to go, and start to save money now. And then by summer you’ll already be mentally and financially prepared for a pleasant pastime.

16. To go to the theatre, exhibition or concert

Spend old year beautifully arrange a feast for the senses. Let the coming new year finds you tired, pressured and completely swamped. Always find a little time for myself.

17. To compose a festive menu

Regardless of whether you’re home for the holidays, you should take care of the festive table, and to do it in the old year. After all, even back from the restaurant, the next day you want something tasty. Think in advance of new year’s eve menus and make grocery lists — especially those that you want to purchase just before a holiday, and those that can be reserved in advance.

18. Have a romantic evening with your loved ones

Ahead of you are waiting for him holiday, shopping, meeting friends. And to just be together, time will be not so much. Therefore, what you have to do in the old year, is to enjoy each other’s company.

19. To enjoy the winter

If the weather is already pleased with the first snow, be sure to make time to play with friends in the snow and make a snowman. If the window still did not fall a single snowflake — go to an indoor ice rink. The new year is not just a winter holiday.

20. To buy champagne, tangerines and Olivier

And be sure to include the good old Christmas film. What is New year without these attributes?

And although sometimes it seems that the New year still enough time, however, preparations for the holidays must start now. Because each of us have so many things to do in the old year.

The website sympaty.net wishes you a festive mood and pleasant preparation for the holidays!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

What to do in the old year and how to prepare for the new year?

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