What to do to jeans I did not wear? How to distinguish original jeans from fake

Agree, it’s hard to imagine a wardrobe of the modern fashionistas without the stylish and versatile jeans. That’s why most stylists called them the most popular item of clothing. But what to do to jeans are not dyed and has long maintained an attractive appearance? In fact, many people even after numerous washings favorite pants notice that they still leave traces. Surely in this case you will have to go to the store for a new one? But then how not to buy a fake?

Why jeans have to be painted?

Each lovely lady knows firsthand how difficult it is to find the most appropriate model of jeans. It is not the size, the style, the price is not satisfied.

But even when the purchase is made to relax will not succeed. Often, to assess the quality of things, it will have to wear this for some time. And then some people suddenly notice that their legs or other clothing constantly remain colored stains, stains, rinse are very difficult. It turns out, has brand fake jeans painted! What to do to solve the problem, and why is this happening?

The answers to the first question will provide later, but for now we will understand the reason. For this it is necessary to study the process of production of denim clothing. Few know that denim is a dyed thick cotton fibers which absorb the dye, not completely, but because the material needs to be pre-washed. After it a quality thing usually stops leave colored footprints.

Do not lose the brightness of the denim?

This question excites buyers not less than what to do to jeans are not painted. So we offer to study it in detail.

It is quite clear that clothing in special factories produced, but no one there will be to wash them to rinse off excess paint. The main reason is that then the thing would lose marketability, will not be crisp, a little harsh. But the buyer before wearable should do it. At home, based on label instructions, or with the help of dry cleaners.

You should not worry about the brightness thing is not to lose. Because it will just wash off the excess paint, that are unable to absorb fiber. Besides, the thing will become a bit softer and therefore more pleasant to the body.

If the washing has not solved the problem?

As we mentioned above, the only truly branded clothing will cease to bleed after washing. Therefore, experts suggest to buy things in retail stores. For example, it is well established jeans Wrangler. They presented a large assortment of men’s and women’s models sit well on different body types, comfortable, high quality, long lasting without losing color and without stretching. To some it may seem like a disadvantage the price. However, it is consistent with the characteristics and quality of the product.

If you have purchased goods from dishonest manufacturer, we recommend you soak the jeans coloring in a basin with cool water. But not more than 30 minutes! Then rinse in clean water. If it is transparent, so extreme measures to anything. If not – read the next paragraph.

The fixing of the color salt

Painted jeans to wear, what to do? If this question still relevant to you, can perform the following manipulation:

  • Fill the basin with water at room temperature.
  • Immerse in her jeans. And try not to compress too, to get all the traces and “creases”.
  • Also, leave the thing for half an hour (no more!).
  • Drain the water, slightly wring out jeans.
  • Fill a bowl with water and add salt and a bit of any shampoo. Proportion: per 10 liters of water – 5-6 tablespoons of salt. Stir.
  • Rinse in solution of distressed jeans.
  • And wash in a jet of warm water (not hot!).
  • If the instructions above did not help, and after drying new thing still sheds, use the following advice.

    How to fix the paint on the jeans with vinegar

    This method has long been considered the most effective and efficient. And with the help of vinegar can record not only the paint on the fabric, but also on the hair. Perhaps readers have heard that many girls rinse hair with a weak solution of vinegar (usually Apple) that the color was richer and stayed longer?

    So, to jeans not to wear makeup, you should wash it in the washing machine (follow the instructions on the label) or rinse by hand in water at room temperature. Then dial the basin of cold water, add vinegar (will fit both 6% and 9%). Proportion: per 10 liters of water – 3 tablespoons vinegar. Stir thoroughly and intensively rinsed problematic thing. This solution will consolidate the paint into the fibers of the material. If you decided to wash jeans in vinegar to put on makeup, it is important to know that after this treatment, the item can not be rinse. Therefore, immediately sent for drying.

    Not whether there will be a specific smell?

    Many people confuse the sharp smell of vinegar. Therefore, they do not dare to try out the method – I’m afraid that he will “impregnate” the denim so that it would be a shame for people to appear. However, experts and people who have benefited from the old Council, noted that the peculiar smell quickly disappears. Particularly if drying jeans in the wind (by an open window, on the balcony or on the street).

    It is also important to add that it is not necessary to process the vinegar solution jeans in enamel bathtub, to the snow-white surface no traces and stains that will be hard to clean later.

    How to dry jeans?

    In order not to spoil a new thing, it is important to correctly dry. What to do to jeans are not painted, we looked it up. Now let’s discuss the next question.

    According to experts, the best jeans to dry on the clothesline. And they can be hung by the waistband with clothespins or pin to a hanger, and her place on the rope. In any case, you must first turn the jeans inside out. It is believed that so they won’t burn out or weathered.

    But to study the drying garment, slung across the clothes line, not recommended. In this case, the product can leave streaks. Because the water will not drain evenly, and will begin to stagnate at the joints, staining the fabric.

    How to buy quality jeans?

    Before answering this question, it is important to note that an established opinion that all coloring jeans fake is wrong and needs to be explained. In fact, even the famous manufacturers produce a product that is painted. This particular production, about which we told above. But clothing stops soiling the body after the first wash.

    However, this measure of quality will manifest itself only after a thing is purchased. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: how to distinguish the jeans an original from a fake.

    Actually quite simple. Although it is worth noting that the products of renowned firms (“Wrangler”, “Levis”, “Lee” and others) for a penny will not sell. But to believe that cheap unknown brand – fake, wrong. Quality and popular brand – two very different things. So I advise you to pay attention to the following nuances.

    If you folded the jeans at the seams, and the material or the leg fully began to gather, pucker – before you fake. If the fabric is rough, it has a tightening, the touch is the feeling of excessive nekrahmalistye – thing is of poor quality. You turned the pants and found that the seams are uneven, the threads are torn or bristle? Therefore, it is necessary to choose a different model.

    Now you know what to do to jeans are not painted and how to choose a quality thing.

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