What to do with a wedding dress:

Wedding dress is a special thing that brides do not spare money – because once in your life everyone wants to try on the dress of your dreams! However, it is true only one day… What to do with your luxury outfit then? The website “ToKnow365.top” knows what to do with the wedding dress!

What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding?

What traditions and superstitions exist about this?

It is believed that the dress should not be used again by someone else, that is, it can not sell, give, lease, etc need to keep.

Sometimes you can hear the superstition that a wedding dress supposedly has healing powers – a woman could wear it if ill husband or child, to sit at the bedside and to sit in a dress – it was expected that the disease will retreat.

Another superstition associated with the bridesmaid’s dress – before you send it in the trunk, it is necessary to prewash the hem – supposedly on the hem wedding dresses envious could make a conspiracy, and the Laundry cleaned it.

Even more ancient tradition is to store a wedding dress for daughter’s wedding, to transfer by succession. Of course, nowadays it’s just silly, but in the old days did with precious dresses with gold embroidery, pearls or stones, unique handmade, etc.

But if you newevery pair of and adherence to traditions will seem boring to you, the original women’s site “ToKnow365.top” offers original ideas – what to do with an old wedding dress:

  • To sell – the most obvious option.
  • To rent (of course, if the dress without damage and stains).
  • To alter. Based on wedding dresses can be beautiful evening or ball gown. So, you can replace the fabric of the skirt (or sew another layer of”cover”) – it can be colored satin, organza or guipure effect (translucent white base color through the “case” is very good!).
  • To sew a dress for your little daughter when she is born – for example, on her first Birthday, 1 year! Just do not wait too long for a big girl such remaking anymore…
  • To arrange a photo session of “kill the dress” soon after the wedding. The more creative will be the process leading to irreversible destruction of the outfit, the more exciting shots! For example is smeared with paint, to climb a thorn tree to roll around in the swamp, take a dip in the sea, to set fire to the fabric from different angles, to cut to pieces… by the Way, at the same time is possible this way to destroy the suit of the groom!
  • To throw out, but to keep the memory of your wedding some exciting piece dresses for example, lace insert, bow, embroidery… With this piece of dress can make a creative collage – paste pictures of your pair in dosvedanya period on the wedding and future family photos and lace, guipure, or embroidery will complement them!
  • To give daughter dress sewing dolls.

What to do with your wedding dress after divorce?

Special rules on this point.

Of course, store its unlikely anyone will want, so you should get acceptable for you. You can sell or hire out, but then the sale should specify that the marriage broke up.

If you want to give or give the dress a girl about to be married and knows about your divorce, you can reassure her that many women are quite happily married, married to divorced wedding dress. It all depends on the superstition…

If you think that dress has some kind of bad power and can hurt someone, it is possible to arrive considerably – to burn!

And if you are going to arrange a bachelorette party or a party on the occasion of the divorce and the beginning of a free life, then you can destroy the dress effectively, along with friends, break into pieces, paint over paint, to bring the fire…

What to do widow with a wedding dress?

A widowed woman is just not worth it to store a wedding dress, don’t need to find a new use and a new owner.

Adequate just to get rid of it, throw it away.

It is hard to do psychologically for a woman it is a reminder of the happiest day with a departed loved one… But nevertheless, it must be done – you will not betray the memory of her late husband, he is forever in your heart, but life should see the place for something new!

Although sometimes advised to give this dress a new owner – if the marriage was long and happy, and her husband died tragically, having lived a long life. Supposedly this kind of wedding dress is happy (although hardly anyone wants to wear a dress style of the young grandmother, to be honest).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to do with a wedding dress:

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