What to drink cognac?

The website “ToKnow365.top” knows that the taste of any alcohol beverage the maximum opening thanks to well-chosen accompanying dishes. And brandy is no exception.

So if you got this drink, necessarily understand all the intricacies of its use. Start with a properly sized glass and complete answer to the following question — what to drink cognac.

What is better to drink cognac?

There are two types of glasses which can be used for drinking brandy.

  • The first option is traditional. This ball shaped Cup on a short stalk. He narrowed upwards, is called the “sniffer” and boasts a volume of 840 ml.
  • The second glass has gained its popularity recently, nonetheless now, it is still widely used by lovers of cognac. We are talking about a “Tulip” on the elongated stem and a capacity of 140 ml.

Fine cooking brandy

Whichever glass you choose, fill it with cognac it is necessary about a quarter. However, if you want to learn how to drink cognac, the temperature of the drink is also important.

So, it should be about 20-25 degrees.

In any case, it is unnecessary to heat the glass, since such action can only spoil the taste of cognac.

Better to just hold the glass in his hands until the drink reaches the desired temperature. Meanwhile you can enjoy its rich and exquisite aroma.

Rules of drinking

Want to know how to drink cognac? Connoisseurs of cognac never set out to get drunk. They really prefer to enjoy this drink its special taste and aroma.

That’s why it’s so important to start tasting a little SIP. Once on the tongue, a drop of cognac properly prepare your taste buds for the subsequent perception of the drink.

The next drink might be more. However, do not hurry to swallow the brandy — better hold on to it for a few seconds in the mouth, because the only way you can feel all the flavors of this drink. Well, with a gulp, don’t forget to enjoy the finish.

What to drink cognac?

When choosing snacks for brandy website sympaty.net recommends to start in the first place, how expensive and high-quality beverages into your hands.

  • Ordinary brandies

Cheap cognac, you can safely use with a variety of hearty dishes. They’re doing great as an aperitif, after which you seem especially tasty lean meat, seafood and cheeses. That’s why in this situation practically the question arises, what to drink brandy — snack it may be varied.

To drink wine and as a dessert. Well he will be combined with fruit, ice cream, chocolate, cream and different sweet syrups.

By the way, this drink can be done and various cocktails. To do this, simply mix it, for example, with a Martini and ice.

But juices and sodas to drink cognac is not recommended. In the first case, the drink is completely lost in the second — you risk to get drunk too fast.

For many of us, cognac is also inextricably associated with lemon, sliced. And though this combination is popular, it is desirable to give.

The fact that citrus are completely misleading as the aroma and taste of this noble drink.

To use lemon as a snack should be the one who absolutely loves the cognac and forced to drink a glass is that because of the circumstances. Therefore, if you want to know what is better to drink cognac, lemon is better to completely delete them from this list.

  • Vintage cognacs

If we are talking about an expensive brandy, this drink to drink or snack and is not recommended. Many connoisseurs prefer to enjoy like a cognac in its pure form, and therefore refuse that the taste of this drink to spoil.

However, if you continue to agitate the question, what can be drunk the brandy of a high quality, experts recommend to adhere to the “rule of three”. We are talking the combination of brandy (cognac), cigars (cigare) and coffee (cafe).

As a rule, first drink a Cup of coffee, and then it’s time for tasting cognac, and only after that you can afford to smoke a good cigar.

By the way, this rule and adhere to Winston Churchill, who admired especially the Armenian cognac and cigar from Havana.

Thus, cognac is a drink that requires a cozy atmosphere, a special approach and appropriate snacks. It is great for a leisurely tasting in a circle of close friends. And only if you know how to drink cognac and what to eat, this time can really bring you pleasure.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

What to drink cognac?

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