What to find out about the person to marry.

Every sensible girl knows that marriage is a very serious and responsible step. So before you answer “Yes” to a proposal of marriage, she tries to think things through carefully.

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” advises its readers to try before the wedding to learn about the person for whom they shall marry, as much as possible.

Psychologists say that every girl need to be proactive and try to anticipate how it will behave with a fan, becoming head of the family. This does not need to hire a private investigator. The girl simply observe the behavior of the groom in different situations and to learn from him about some moments of his life.

Previous relationship

To understand how the future will be to build relations with a young man, girls will be able, if they understand the reasons why broke up his previous relationships.

As a rule, men do not like to talk about past novels, but at times in their statements flashed bits of memories of them.

Psychologists recommend to listen to what the groom says about former conquests. If his words are nothing but negative, is not present, you should look at this person better.

Maybe he can’t hear your partner, and all the blame for problems in relationships blame from himself to her. In this case, it should not rush to join with him in marriage.

If a young man says about his ex-girlfriends without a shadow of contempt, not trying to put them in a dark light, it can be concluded that he knows how to appreciate a woman who is close by.

Parent family

That is, parents have children copy the model of behavior in the family. So the bride it is important to understand what was the relationship between the parents of the groom, which role in the family was allotted to the father, who was the leader. If the father of the groom is a person passive, the candidate for a husband it is unlikely you’ll be autonomy and initiative.

It is equally important to understand what is the relationship of the groom with his mother. If a young man always speaks of her with respect, listens to her, but is able sometimes to argue in a mild form, is a good sign.

But it also happens that a young man talking to my mom rudely, dismisses her advice. With such a man to connect his life is not: in the future the same way he will talk with the wife.

If every life question the man always consults with the mother, if she is the strongest credibility if he talks about her more than about work, football or cars, he is an obvious sissy. A good husband a man can not become never.


The girl is very important to know with whom the groom. It is also advisable to get acquainted with his friends before the wedding. After all, these people will come to the house to a young couple. Often it is in a circle of close friends, the man reveals his hidden personality. For example, at home young people can be very reserved and polite, and in the company of peers to become restless vulgar, jovial who loves to touch alcohol and to go in search of adventure.

You should pay attention to how much time young people spend with friends and what they are at this time doing.

If friendly gatherings represent a party with alcohol and all its amusements, to guard. Unreliable especially may be men who are ready to have fun with drunk company almost every day. If a girl wants to marry a good person, she should avoid guys like that.

Acquaintance with the friends of her future husband the girl need in order to better learn about his views and habits. Sometimes even after years of Dating women from friends of her boyfriend learn about such terms, which they never knew existed.


Every bride should know where her fiance get the money, so she needs to show interest in the job of a partner, and if a young person expresses a reluctance to tell anything at all about her profession, she must be wary. Because usually men do not hide, where and whom you work, are eager to share with his halves to be successful in the working field.

If the groom remained silent on this subject – it is unlikely he has a really reliable source of stable income. So, to call it the best candidate for a husband does not.

Attitude towards children

How a man relates to children, can be understood very simply. For this you just need to bring it into the house their friends or acquaintances, where there is a small child. If the baby will obviously irritate a guest, the likelihood that he will in the future to help his wife care for their own children, rather small.

Therefore, the bride should prepare for the fact that she will be a difficult job not only for the education of their kids, but on building relationships of children with father.


Every good wife is simply obliged to know about the Hobbies of your husband. Therefore, even the status of the bride girl needs to show interest in a hobby favorite.

After his wife avid fisherman have to put up with his constant fishing trips, the wife of the hunter will need to learn how to calmly let her husband go Hiking through forests and swamps, and the missus grower will need to help him weed beds in the country and preserve their harvest.

The website sympaty.net in a hurry to see that every worthy man has a hobby. The absence of such evidence some limitation of representative of a strong half. And these individuals are likely good spouses will not.

Many women turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of men, assuming that they can change them. They hope that after the wedding their husbands immediately stop drinking, will begin to help around the house, stop calling my mom every 2 hours and forget about the tradition every Friday to go with friends to the sauna. But, as practice shows, these expectations were never met.

There is no way that the man before marriage was a sensitive and loving but after marriage became indifferent chump. Such a metamorphosis is possible only when the bride failed to the marriage to consider the true face of his chosen.

That’s why our website recommends to all its readers not to rush to transfer to family status just started a relationship, and to watch her bridegroom, to understand whether he is worthy to be her companion for life.

Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

What to find out about the person to marry.

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