What to look for when choosing a table service? Criteria and recommendations

Good service – expensive, inherited by generations. However, in inexpensive simple sets is not bad, especially if the dishes pleasing to the eye, and family members use it daily and with great pleasure.

What criteria govern the purchase of the dinner service and what to look for in the first place? About it tells today the consultant online store porcelain “Mr. China” by Julia Matveeva.

Before answering this multifaceted question, it is necessary to find out the history of the emergence of the first table service and concepts which it is embedded.

A bit of history

Today, scientists can not call the master, who created the first dinner service since this mystery is rooted in the gray of the past centuries. The exact names of manufacturers mentioned in the special monograms, and the essence of the meaning of which was known only to noble personages, representatives of the nobility. And this is not surprising, given the fact that high-quality porcelain, decorated with gold or monograms, for the overwhelming majority of ordinary people remained a luxury.

Over time, the situation has changed: production capacity grew worldwide, and the products became more affordable for the average buyer. Today, dinnerware is available to the public. Dine from a beautiful tureen can afford not only a member of the government, but a simple miner. How do you determine that before you set? The main criterion is the exact number of products – 3 (12 subjects),6 (26 to 30), 12 (items 48-50) or more persons.

Concerning coffee and tea sets, they exist in 2 versions for 6 and 12 people. The set can be a basic number of items to 15 and extended (with dessert plates, candy dish and teapot) from 20 to 22.

The functionality of modern sets

  • Table service – the largest cookware set, which includes a couple of plates, differing in diameter, salad bowls, tureens, etc. All that is necessary for the table during dinner.
  • Tea set – a few tea cups, complemented by teapot of small size, a sugar bowl and a few saucers. Some manufacturers include in the standard kit and the milkman.
  • Set for coffee – small cups and butter dishes, creamer and sugar bowl.
  • The above set of sets may be adjusted by the manufacturer in the direction of increasing or reducing the number of items. Here are all individually. Gift sets are more diverse and can boast of incredibly beautiful decoration, but their value is appropriate. Some of the manufacture provide the ability to purchase certain items. This is the best solution for those who decided to organize a dinner party or in the event of loss of any item.

    Material service

    No less noteworthy and the material from which made the set. Sales are few common solutions:

    • Porcelain. One of the most qualitative and expensive materials. It is easy to determine on a transparent base (if you bring the product to the sun) and characteristic sound.
    • Glass. Practical and in demand in the modern realities of the material from which are produced all the cookware and dinnerware are no exception. In favor of glass says its low cost and availability.
    • Dolomite. The sets differ in the thickness of the walls, thereby providing a higher durability of cookware in comparison with other materials.
    • Faience. A practical and affordable solution for most buyers. Cookware of this material is distributed in small cafes, bars and catering establishments, often used in the home.

    Choosing the service of one or another material to consider not only its characteristics and properties, but also their own financial opportunities. High value price labels many of the world’s manufacturers now offer is not limited and can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    How to buy table service

    Buying a beautiful tea set or utensils is a significant and somewhat significant event. Housewives is a great opportunity not only to update the usual kitchen utensils, but also to make the internal aesthetic harmony in the most visited room. If items are to be purchased for a cafe or dining room, special attention should be paid to the quality of the products, resistance to mechanical damage, appearance, and practicality.

    Table service – a great gift for any occasion or holiday. About the value of utensils, says at least the fact that it is customary to give for anniversaries, housewarming and just as a sign of gratitude, respect. And remember that each family must have at least 2 set.

    What to look for when choosing a table service? Criteria and recommendations

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