What to wear a wife-beater woman?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” wants to tell you about practical things, which is appropriate in any basic wardrobe – the shirt, dubbed “alcoholic”. What to wear a wife-beater?

In this article, you will learn about the basic combinations and is highly non-trivial and stylish.

What Mike is an alcoholic and what is it called?

The name of this simple thing sounds very “unappetizing”, especially for those girls who have a negative attitude to alcohol. But fear not – these shirts have long been irrelevant to the closet drinkers marginalized, and more often for stylish ladies!

And by the way, in Europe and America, these jerseys are referred to simply as “vest top” (tank-top).

But a few decades ago in the Soviet Union shirts of similar cut were released as cheap men’s underwear. The man is an alcoholic could drink the rest of my clothes, but Mike always remained on it! Remember the movies – “Gentlemen of fortune”, “the diamond arm, kin-DZA-DZA” — their characters were wearing these shirts.

Looks like Mike is an alcoholic? It is sewn from knit simple, has wide straps and length to the hips.

The classic “alcoholic” on the front scoop or a rounded square neckline and back of shirt has a narrow “back” and wide slits for the arms, the opening of the blade. However, knitted tank tops no open blades is also considered to “alcoholics”. The most common color of the “alcoholics” — white, but today this thing is so far removed from his underwear “progenitor” that you can easily find black, grey, colored t-shirts (as plain or with prints).

We can wear t-shirt alcoholic woman?

This question for several decades the “reign” of wife-beater in the fashion world has found a lot of solutions that any girl can easily choose the one look-and that will be to her liking and shape.

But some images of Mike, an alcoholic are quite non-standard and not suitable for everyone, and others are considered universal and basic. To the base include:

  • T-shirt and jeans any current model (from bell bottoms to Boyfriends).
  • Tank top tucked into classic pants with a high waist.
  • Denim shorts and tank top.
  • Tank top and leggings.

On each of these bases can be done any of the “superstructure” — from biker jackets, ankle boots and wristlets sandals to stilettos, clutch and jewelry.

To more unusual combinations should be treated with caution: it is important to objectively see how these specific things sit on you. But experimenting is worth it! For example:

  • Wear a wife-beater and trousers of the zouaves, complete with sneakers, ballet flats or boots.
  • If you have a slim figure, try wearing a t-shirt with wide-leg-culottes. To this way need shoes with a heel.
  • Short t-shirt can be worn over a pencil skirt. But if the skirt has a higher waist, is to tuck shirt inside.
  • Mike is an alcoholic with a Jersey skirt Maxi or MIDI.
  • T-shirt with a fluffy skirt below the knee (possibly fatinovy).

That can be put on top of the “alcoholic”?

White, black or grey tank top is the perfect “taunt” under any jacket, blazer or light jacket. It can be even worn under a business suit, unless you plan to unbutton his jacket.

More informal options, “top”:

  • Bomber.
  • The leather biker jacket.
  • Short vest.
  • Jean jacket.
  • Shirt (open or buttoned a few buttons).
  • Knitted blouse with buttons.
  • Lightweight cardigan.

Just imagine how many images you can make!

In fact, you can mix any items from your closet – t-shirt easily “make friends”! For example, why not put out a t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and colored shoes with same colored clutch? And sitting in a cafe with friends – a pencil skirt and blazer on top of the shirt?

To work you can walk in the grey pants, white t-shirt and jacket in a pastel shade, and a walk – in shorts, sneakers, t-shirt and bomber jacket.

And of course, thinking about what to wear a wife-beater, don’t forget about the accessories – vest with a deep neckline allows you to wear any neck jewelry, any bracelets, rings and earrings (most importantly, that all the “bling” combined with each other!).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear a wife-beater woman?

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