What to wear dress with lurex?

Lurex is the name of a fine metallic filament, which is added to the composition of a wide variety of fabrics, knitted fabrics and knitwear. But colloquially referred to as lurex and any material which is composed of a shiny thread.

What to wear lurex, tell unusual female site sympaty.net.

What to wear dress with lurex?

Many sparkly dresses are associated with fashion of the eighties and the era of disco. In fact, you can find such a dress and make a way to escape from this Association very far (of course, in the direction of modernity). What dress is made of lurex fabric look stylish enough to wear nowadays?

  • Simple cut and laconic silhouette: dress-shirts, a-line dress, “cases”.
  • Dress silhouette “new look” (cocktail image).
  • Maxi dress lurex knit.

There are two solutions, what you can wear the dress with lurex.

The first is more versatile: wear the dress with accessories and stuff is just a simple matte textures. And you can purposely make a strong contrast of materials in the image – the dress lustrous knit wear jacket of jeans”varenkov” or leather, tough boots or sneakers, baseball cap or knitted hat, scarf (there’s a look on the season).

The second solution is for the brave ladies and for special occasions.

Dress with a slight touch of lurex thread can be supplemented with shiny shoes, a clutch bag, metallic or large metal jewelry. There accessories should attract even more attention than the dress. The main thing – not to cling on everything shiny enough lurex dress, silver sandals and, for example, metal bracelet and these items would be a good matte clutch bag in a contrasting color, for example, the denim vest.

To not look like Ellochka the Cannibal, it is not necessary to wear lurex with something “rich” materials like fur, velvet, fine lace, especially, is not necessary to introduce in the way of the sequins, things with shiny embroidery, etc.

Skirt with lurex – what to wear?

Here matters what kind of fabric is sewn skirt. If we are talking about the skirt, knitwear, top may be of cotton fabric or of thin denim (denim shirt to shiny knit skirt is a great way!)

In the case when the skirt is made from a dense fabric with metallic threads to combine it optimally with a knit upper for example, with a simple t-shirt.

But a knitted jumper or sweater suitable to wear with any skirt made of lurex fabric.

What things to wear lurex tops and blouses?

Of course, a lot depends on style and type of blouse, top or pants with “sparkly”. I do not want to look like your grandmother, when putting on his favorite sweater with lurex!

But there are a few simple solutions in case if you have no time poking around in your closet and pick up a extravagant combinations. “And in the feast and in the world”, a brilliant top you can wear:

  • Jeans with high waist.
  • A denim skirt of a suitable style.
  • A simple black pencil.

But if you have the time and desire to experiment, you can pose in front of a mirror, trying with lurex “riding” these things:

  • brushed knitted skirt
  • classic pants,
  • leather skirt,
  • leggings with print or solid color,
  • skirt with print
  • jeans with embroidery.

To soften the image with a coloured shirt will help the scarf or shawl (no glitter!), cardigan or vest.

Tights and stockings with lurex: is it worth it to wear them?

“ToKnow365.top” advises to treat such matters very carefully: the peak of fashion for shiny tights long passed, and you risk to get “by cash”. If you really really want to wear coloured tights, choose a dense color options (in any case not black and not bodily!) and wear them short youth things: denim shorts, dresses sweaters, etc.

You should not wear these tights with cocktail dresses is very provincial and old-fashioned!

Lurex requires a special sense of taste, and the selection of decorations – will have to abandon the “cheap Shine”, rhinestones, crystal and glass beads, etc. Or choose jewelry without the extra sparkle, or pay attention to metal (but it’s also walking “on the edge” — an abundance of large metal trinkets in combination with the shiny fabric can turn you into a “magpie”).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear dress with lurex?

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