What to wear in the cold, how to dress in the cold warm and stylish

All we women love to dress up – carefully think through your style, follow the fashion, and diversity of images. But the site “ToKnow365.top” reveals one secret that is relevant for even the most stylish of ladies – as soon as the thermometer slides somewhere below -10, all fashion outfits hibernate in the far corner of the wardrobe. Instead, light is extracted from the dimensionless sweater knitted by grandma 10 years ago and specially stored for the harsh winters, “blind” skirt and, sorry for details, knitted leggings. And this is on all occasions until it is warmer! But if you get this outfit does not suit you – we will tell you how to dress in the cold beautifully!

What to wear in the cold – skirt or pants?

Winter is the perfect test that clearly separates the women at the “bocnic and bruchner”. And those and others forget about the experiments and talking about the same thing: “Her skirt/pants I’m in a cold freeze! You want both, and I have to wear pants/a skirt!”.

Try to ignore and look at the problem objectively.

Yes, the pants seem warmer – they hug the legs, no wind and frost cleverly tries to climb from the bottom!

But still want to put in a word for the skirt: first, under skirt creates a certain air space where the air warms up a bit. Second, under a long enough skirt you can wear at least two of tights and leggings (well, unless you’re going on a date)!

“Pencils”, mini and others is narrow and short models it is better to postpone until spring.

  • First, they are usually pretty weird combined with boots.
  • Secondly, in loose long skirts warmer! Read, for example, an article about how to wear a skirt in winter.

To wear in the bitter cold better than knitted woolen Maxi skirt, “bell”, Godet, skirt or a skirt with wedges. These models are best combined with traditional boots height up to mid calf or just below the knee.

What dresses to wear in the cold?

It seems that “dress” and “frost” — just mutually exclusive concepts! But it is not — we offer the best models of dresses that you can wear in winter:

  • Long Jersey dress with sleeves. This thing is often shockingly looks on the hanger, but fits on a live woman! If it still seems too boring, add it wide waistband-elastic waist, a brooch, a stole or shawl.
  • Knitted tunic dress (sweater dress). Worn as tights (with length not shorter than knee length) and with leggings, pants-stretch. Looks great with leggings!
  • Crochet dress, which is worn on top of turtlenecks. Can be from any warm fabric, knit even knit – wide straps or simply sleeveless.
  • The dress is flared below knee with sleeves. This model looks quite vintage – you can emphasize the style of a round patch collar “Peter pan” or sewn cuffs.

A sweater or something instead?

Generally speaking, it was fun in the beginning of this article “grandma’s” sweater – it has almost never lost relevance, and much of its warming qualities and say nothing!

The website sympaty.net already wrote how to wear a sweater. Classic sweater with funny reindeer and Christmas trees, made of natural wool – perfect for winter walks, trips to the rink, get-togethers with tea or mulled wine, etc.

It can be worn with jeans or warm leggings, but this is not an outfit for the office or any an extraordinary event!

A more feminine variant of – the cardigan (Yes, the same “long shirt”). Cardigan will emphasize the silhouette and warm, and most importantly – it can be worn with almost any winter skirt, jeans or pants!

Tired of knitting? Think about fur products – dressed in the cold in a vest of fur (by the way, faux fur is more relevant on the world podiums!). It can be worn over a turtleneck or knit dresses, tunics, etc.

For the business of everyday life is to have a warm jacket (wool, tweed, etc.) it is possible to wear a warm turtleneck or sweater, adding to the image of the tippet.

Like a warm neck?

Neck most people – bistritanasaud part of the body. If you figure out how to insulate this part of the body, you probably will feel that frost did not his way “to the bone!”.

We already wrote how to wear scarves, shawls and stoles. But still I want to tell you about these things some more!

Usually easier to pick up a scarf for outerwear – coats, sheepskin coat or jacket. On the street in the cold quite adequately will look bulky-knit scarves that you can wrap your neck a few times. By the way, the trend of recent seasons – long knitted scarves already carry, leaving a long dangling ends over the top clothes – it is better to tuck them under a coat (at the same time, so it will be warmer!).

What to wear in the bitter cold in the room – for example, if you sit the whole day in the not too well-heated office? The scarf will look clearly inappropriate.

Instead, we recommend to remember about knitted shawls! The shawl is very feminine garment, it is not necessary to wear trousers and especially jeans. The perfect combination of skirt or dress below the knee with a shawl! You can throw a shawl on top of warm jackets, sweaters, jacket, but bulky sweaters with it, just don’t mix.

More democratic in combination of the subject tippet. He’ll help, if you have to follow the business dress code, dressing in the cold in a skirt or pantsuits. You can freely throw it over your shoulders like a shawl, and can drape around the neck.

An interesting subject that is worth to have in your wardrobe – knitted pelerine (scarf-drape). It is good if you don’t want to wear in the cold, a sweater with oversized collar – drape will warm your neck and shoulders. Also try to wear a scarf: this item can be nice to drape on the neck, and on the street to throw at the head, simultaneously solving the problem of headdress!

Interesting solution, especially for overweight women – poncho: a free wrap a square or rectangular shape. Poncho creates an interesting volume to the silhouette and at the same time, not fat, in contrast to many sweaters!

Now you know how to dress in the cold nice and stylish!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear in the cold, how to dress in the cold warm and stylish

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