What to wear in the heat?

I think all readers of the site “ToKnow365.top” know how to dress with style and taste! But when it’s the height of summer, it is not until the investigations of the vagaries of fashion – indeed, in hot weather beautiful, but the wrong clothing may not only be uncomfortable but also cause health problems!

What to wear in the heat, to feel good and enjoy the summer – read on!

What materials will save in hot weather?

Cells, which are significantly lighter in the heat – only natural.

The thin and lightweight fabric, allowing you to feel like you are not wearing anything it’s silk. Silk fabric can be different density, the most delicate varieties of silk, almost transparent crepe de Chine and chiffon.

Flax is also a great option for hot summer. Linen garments are more comfortable, but they are stronger crumple – a “calling card” of natural linen. Therefore rarely of linen sewn things with complex Drapes and folds.

A simple sheath dress made of linen – the perfect solution to the problem of how to dress in the heat in the office!

Cotton is not only cloth, cotton, and natural knitwear, cotton lace, and fine open knit and lightweight summer denim… All cotton fabrics – “breathing”, so they are comfortable to wear in the hot summer.

Synthetic fabrics, even delicate, unpleasant in the case where form a “greenhouse” between the skin and clothing. Better not to wear synthetic shirts, tops, shirts, pants, etc.

But the skirt of free cut may be synthetic, because the ventilation will occur anyway!

How to dress in the heat?

Other than the fabric, is important the cut of the clothes you wear on hot days!

The basic rule – the more open something is, the more comfortable! The most comfortable heat you can call the a-line dress, dresses, tanks, dresses with a narrow belt, tunic dresses.

Not worth it in the heat to wear, to compress, surround closely – it impedes the circulation, and at high ambient temperatures the cardiovascular system and how it works with the additional load! Instead of denim shorts, wear a Maxi skirt instead of a fitted top blouse sleeveless spacious cut (this is a good option, how to dress in the heat in the city).

In the summer I want to get a nice tan. A common mistake, as a girl in heat wearing very short and revealing! But in the midst of the heat will be more comfortable not short, and covers body things.

No wonder that in Eastern countries people from head to toe wrapped himself in a garment that enables the transfer of heat, the layers of fabric protect against overheating. Be sure to take to the sea tunics, dresses, cover up shoulders and legs, shawls and long skirts!

And open and laced outfits are good for relaxing in the shade where there’s no risk of simply “burn out”!

Shoes and accessories for hot days

The website sympaty.net wonder mentioned about the problems faced by our body in the heat. The right shoes need so as not to create additional difficulties!

Feet swell in the heat stronger when walking, even in healthy young women. The higher the heel, the more load on the muscles and blood vessels in the legs!

In shoes with heels on a hot day you get tired to walk a lot faster. So it is right to wear sandals or ballet flats without a heel.

If you are accustomed to heel, and immediately go to a flat sole for you uncomfortable, choose a small wedge or small chunky heel: these are sandals, clogs (sabots) and espadrilles.

Also avoid shoes with an abundance of hard, tightening the ankle straps is also creating problems. Good shoes with a slight “top” fabric (espadrilles or ballet flats).

It is not necessary in hot weather to wear belts, wide belts, necklace, collars, compressing the wrist watches or bracelets, give up massive rings (especially if you wear them not one by one): all jewelry and accessories should not in any way interfere with.

And knowing what to wear in the heat, don’t forget about small, but useful addition – a headdress! Your summer will be much nicer if you decorate a cute straw hat!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear in the heat?

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