What to wear in the summer?

Summer is a special season for all fashionistas: summer is the time even the most conservative person decided on the unusual images and updates to your wardrobe.

Summer dress up is really easy – don’t need thick layered clothes, you can wear something bright and light – and the look is ready!

But, unfortunately, many girls with the best of intentions, severely limit their imagination in choosing summer outfits – just because they believe in false myths about what to wear in the summer. The website “ToKnow365.top” ready to refute imagination and confirm some really relevant tips on what clothes to wear in the summer!

Fashion “mythology”

What rules should safely break?

Myth 1. In the summer don’t wear black

Lovely readers, the only case where even the original female site sympaty.net would not advise you to wear black – it’s your own wedding!

And then that three months out of the year you allegedly deprived of the opportunity to emphasize your beauty with this mysterious and elegant color – complete nonsense! Black swimsuit very slimming little black dress can be worn in summer and black top will fit any skirt, shorts or pants.

Besides, the black things wonderful shade any other pastel or bright color clothes, shoes or accessories.

Myth 2. Black and white combination is too strict for summer

Partly, it’s true – the combination of black and white seems like most of us strict. But a huge importance is the fit: if a black suit with a white shirt really should not worn in summer, women, white pants with a black t-shirt is an elegant summer classic. Black shorts with a white t-shirt – the basis for years of walking image.

And what to say about how spectacular dresses black-and-white prints (whether it be stripes or floral pattern!).

Myth 3. In summer not wearing stockings and tights

If you are working in a serious company, attend business cocktails, come for the celebrations – you’ll have to wear minimal thin bodily tights and shoes with closed toe and heel. This is the dress code. Even if a formal dress code is not made public – it is better to wear in summer that will benefit your business reputation.

It is assumed that major offices are air conditioned, and successful women around on auto – too hot in the stockings they don’t happen.

Myth 4. Jewelry for summer – bright and shiny

Cheap plastic adorns nobody ever. The abundance of sparkling rhinestones and sequins, it looks very strange day and especially in nature. So it is better to think not about whether to wear summer or other decoration, and to focus on the overall compliance of his particular clothes, situation and time of day.

Myth 5. In the summer you can safely wear translucent fabric and delicate things

Of course, some logic there – in the winter these things you will simply freeze. But in the summer you can look in these clothes is just tacky – it’s very easy to overdo it with the “et” and sheer panels.

Tight fishnet and transparent things much reveal figure flaws: the sleeves are of the “mesh” fat hands, sheer panel at the waist make noticeable every crease, etc.

And by the way, in clothes made of translucent synthetic chiffon, you will be much hotter than things made of natural linen or cotton.

Myth 6. Wear pants in the summer is not worth it

Who says your grandmother? Of course, to wear a dress in the summer easier and more enjoyable, but the pants should not be forgotten!

After all, there are a lot of great summer patterns – wide-leg pants made of thin fabric, colored chinos, light pants, summer jeans… And it goes well with blouses, tops and t-shirts!

Good tips on what to wear in summer
Tip 1. Give preference to natural fabrics

Not only is it beautiful and stylish, so in natural things and less hot!

Tip 2. Wear light

The lighter something is, the better it reflects the sun’s rays, and the more comfortable you will be. Anyway, the bright color in our row of the associative associated with the feeling of cleanliness and freshness – when to wear them, but in the warm time of the year?

Tip 3. Get down with the heels!

The correct answer to the question of what shoes to wear in the summer – comfortable! High lift on the Shoe is less comfortable in hot weather, when the load on the blood vessels in the legs increases. If you love summer a lot of walking or dancing till you drop – save your legs, get your shoes in sandals or flats.

Tip 4. Use large things

They will be less hot. Summer is a great reason to wear a dress “oversize”, large t-shirt or blouse of the tunic.

Tip 5. Experiment!

Ask my daughter-a high school girl to wear her denim shorts, buy bright top corset, dressed in “Gypsy” Maxi… Because when else, if not summer?!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear in the summer?

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