What to wear lip in the fall?

Last summer days – a reason to thank yourself for a wonderful summer or dreaming about plans for next year and start preparing for autumn.

In the fall we change the wardrobe, handbags, face cream and much more, and about chapstick or balm forget. Meanwhile, these skincare good producers do not accidentally divided according to the season.

In hot weather you need to protect delicate lip skin from the bright sun and drying out, at this time the actual lipstick with SPF filter enabled a high level of moisture. Also important, is that lipstick as long as possible was preserved on the lips, providing protection — in fact to the holiday period, the sea or travel to interesting cities, very few people want to constantly worry about updating the lipstick on the lips.

In the cold season to the fore other stress factors in addition to low temperatures is a more active effect makeup, and aggressive urban environment is now more time will have to spend in transport, and cars in the city with the onset of autumn increases. And in the winter add to this the drying effect of heating systems.

What hygienic balm is better to choose for the autumn-winter period?

  • For the cool seasons it is better to choose those balms that contains more wax and less oils, these balms create a more effective barrier to the cold.
  • Make sure the conditioner in the fall it was not hyaluronic acid and glycerin, or at least use them no earlier than 1.5 hours before going outside. These “traps” water in the cold can be a disservice.
  • It is better not to use compounds with a content of citrus oils, menthol, peppermint – they will dry lips.
  • If the lip is cracked – please note balms with vitamins A and E, and jojoba oil – these components possess healing properties.
  • In the fall and winter should actively use conditioners that improve skin condition – containing peptides and collagen. They will not help to make lips more plump, as promised by some manufacturers, but the collagen effectively binds moisture in the skin, and peptides affect metabolic processes. Such balms a good cause not only before going out, but before bed, because during sleep there is an active regeneration of the skin.
  • In the line of every good manufacturer of cosmetics must-have cosmetics with different effects. For example, balsams, “Dr. Kozhevatkin” enriched with collagen, silk peptides, designed to care for lips in the cool time of the year.

    For the beauty of your lips do not forget sometimes use soft scrub, make a gentle massage, and most importantly – often smile!

    What to wear lip in the fall?

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