What to wear marble print?

This season designers are tired of the thousands of times played with prints – stripes, flowers, polka dots and other classic, and fashion is rapidly entered an unusual marble print!

You already want to try on new clothes with this print? Then read on the website sympaty.net what and how to combine it!

Print with imitation marble: features of wearing it

What is “marble” print to imagine is a photographic or a stylized image of the texture of marble with veins. The most popular version of this print – black-and-white (i.e. white background and black streaks, or Vice versa, light streaks on a black or dark gray background).

Sometimes you can see the coloured marble prints – unnatural shades.

A separate variety of this print is “marble” denim (i.e. denim with vysvetleni pattern of the veins of marble plots).

What colors in clothes to wear marble things? When talking about black and white, adding color accents (e.g. accessories) can “kill” the beauty of print.

It is better to leave the image as part of achromatic combinations of colors and choose black, white or gray add-ons. Also revitalize the way you can use decorations made of metal with black or clear crystals, beads, stones, etc.

There is a very good addition to the black and white “marble” is denim.

Jeans and “marble” sweatshirt – a simple and youth image. Then you can bring in this way some color (shoes and accessories), or wear black shoes or sneakers, black or white backpack and look complete.

A colored “marble” with a good achromatic (black, white, and grey) items, as well as with jeans.

But marble denim can be worn with all the range of things that generally come to jeans and denim clothes of this shade. Print in this case is perceived not print, but rather the texture of the fabric – this gives rich possibilities for different combinations.

Does marble print with other prints in the same way?

The beauty of the marble print in his grace and modest elegance. It is very easy to overshadow, “kill” more expressive print: colorful flower, contrast graphic, plot or whatever else. Therefore it is better to seek the combination of “marble” with a plain things.

However, if you don’t put the task to allocate the maximum in the image of the marble thing, you can complement it with any piece of clothing with a large geometric print.

For example, a dark marble knit dress can be supplemented with a cardigan in wide black and white stripes – and, of course, the dominant thing in this kit will not dress and cardigan.

If marble print itself is expressive and contrasting then any other prints to it just will not work.

The marble thing is not to wear clothes and accessories with a strong ornamental, delicate, or geometric texture such as lace, Panne, corduroy, patterned binding, etc., because they, too, would be discordant with the marble print.

What jewelry will fit marble print?

It is quite a complex question. On the one hand, thin and small jewelry (chains, mini-brooches, etc.) are lost amid streaks of marble. On the other – a lurid, heavy and bright jewelery will not be in harmony with this print.

What should I do?

The right decision made in the color of things, small or medium size, which is worn not on the background of the marble clothes. For example, dress – earrings, top, bracelet, etc.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear marble print?

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