What to wear shoes mules?

Shoe fashion loves to come back to the elegant models of shoes basic styles have been invented and repeatedly beaten in different variations.

For example, shoes mules – they were worn in the 18th century, and in the middle of the 20th century (50 years), and later, no decade passed without the designers never thought about the mule.

More about these shoes tell women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

How to look shoes mules?

It pumps (usually thin, up to 10 cm), with open heel, no straps at the ankle, but with closed front. In some models, the mules are slightly opened fingers in front, or two wide strap across the foot (instead of the whole front part).

If muley a wide, thick heel, they become a different kind of shoes – clogs!

Mules on a wooden platform with a wooden heel clogs are called.

Shoes mules: what dress to wear?

The website “ToKnow365.top” no doubt that the best option, what to wear with mules is dress. Moreover, the Maxi dress will not help effectively to show the beauty of mules, because long hemline closes the main “chip” of mule – the open heel.

Under mule, good wear, dresses of MIDI length or short dresses.

The mules has one feature – at the expense of design shoes ankle in them look wider and bulkier than it actually is. This is because a straight line the front of the shoes would visually “cut” the foot, and the ankle gets too many viewers ‘ attention.

Of course, this is also a plus if you want your feet looked a size smaller, wear mules (no sharp noses), and the goal will be achieved.

However, what to do with the area of the ankles – is it possible to narrow it by choosing the right dresses? If the foot in the Shoe seems wide, then try to wear a dress silhouette “new look” — with a fluffy skirt or circle skirt.

Dresses-“boxes” with shoes-a mule – a classic combination, however, it should be understood that it is not necessary to put shoes on for ceremonial events or, on the contrary, in a simple setting. Why? It is an open heel.

Due to this peculiarity of mules cannot be worn with tights or stockings (with no the ankle strap, your feet will corny to slip out of these shoes).

Shoes with an open heel ideal for summer walks and summer parties, but only in the absence of a dress code and unspoken “shuz code” that prohibit open toe shoes and sandals.

What else can you wear mules?

Mule is quite feminine and elegant shoes, so the style they are suited to elegant urban images.

Skirt – a suitable “company” to the mules! Try to wear elegant mules and skirt with a peplum. Also like “pencils” and “trapezoid”, but the skirt with mules will look old-fashioned.

You can try to wear mules with the shorts, just not radically short.

One more correct decision – to shoes shoes mules when you wear cropped culottes, summer chinos, Capri pants or “breeches”. The wider the leg opening, the sleeker look to them ankle (which, as you remember, the problematic place of the mules).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear shoes mules?

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