What to wear summer 2014: what trends are at the height of fashion?

Summer has already started and you want to update your wardrobe and keep track of all the fashion trends? Right! What to wear in summer 2014 – the website will tell “ToKnow365.top“!

Styles and trends

Fashion – a concept that in our time, of course, conditional: gone are the days when the season is changing and the whole country together clothed in the same dresses!

Now you can choose from a broad range of new products that you like, and if the trend is strange, alien and not a person – it can be safely ignored! What range of trends, we choose this season?

  • Echoes of the 40’s and 50’s. the sheath Dresses, jackets with stiff shoulders – they, the forties! A hint of the new look of the 50s – beautiful summer dresses with flared skirts and bell, with a bodice without straps or small sleeves”lanterns”.
  • Constructivism. Clear geometry of the lines – it’s a trend, though not always, these feminine! There are wide pants, and straight skirts, and blouses with the smell of the type of kimono, and many other things, interesting cuts and silhouette.
  • “Men’s style”. Pantsuits and even tuxedoes combined with shoes.
  • Crazy mixes. If you can’t choose what to wear summer 2014 what you wear… all at once! In fashion a contrasting combination of bright, and the collection is striking in a variety of eccentricities – gaiters on shoes, summer coat to the trousers-pipes, etc. If all of this season with big, bright accessories, and not to be afraid of the created image freak you in the trend!
  • Romance. Flowers, lots of lace, Maxi length and MIDI – I guess it all cannot be ignored, when it comes to what to wear in the summer girls!

Current models

Summer collection surprised and puzzled fashionistas not only dresses, but also such items of clothing, which are generally rare in summer sets. What is fashionable to wear in summer-2014:

  • Summer coat, cloak. Worn over dresses or pants, mostly wide open.
  • Trouser suits. Pants made of thin fabric, a wide. The jacket is elongated, sometimes it’s even a tuxedo.
  • Halter top. This can be taken as greetings from 90-x, but the fact remains – this summer fashionable striped open belly (of course, if the figure allows). However, combining tops with skirts and trousers with high waist.
  • Pants bananas, sometimes with stripes!
  • Dress-shirt.

As for skirts: although do not lose their relevance but the trend length is mid – knee or above.

Fabrics, colors and prints

The site “Beautiful and Successful” reveals the secret (although for the real stylish stuff it’s no longer a secret!): whatever colors you’re wearing, you just can’t be unfashionable! For on the catwalks and in the boutiques with summer collections reigns such a variety of shades that just eyes run!

Probably in the summer of 2014 should be alternately different color combinations: for example, in the fashion of contrasts of bright plain things – do not be afraid of large juicy color spots in the image!

Black-and-white combination has not disappeared in the winter, just transformed in relation to summer things. Continue the March of pastel colors: beige, pale blue, lemon, etc. Like the designers this season, and unusual for the summer variations of gray, brown, “dirty” shades of green, brick, coral…

Prints are also encouraging variety in fashion at the same time the geometry and flowers – choose what you like! And yet the actual polka dots and a houndstooth.

The peculiarity of the season – gone large floral prints: “Gypsy” is not in fashion! If you want something very unusual – look for things with prints-portraits, or even some extraordinary images!

And now rejoice, lovers of transparent fabrics and openwork – you finally came!

Several summers in a row any “mesh” and the lace was not encouraged, but now it is the height of fashion! You can wear romantic lace dresses, blouses and skirts, and chiffon things with mesh panels, etc. In some collections it is possible to meet even the delicate knitting of delicate yarns!

The main principle is that if something where something shines through, it is certainly fashionable! ?

Left us this summer, the pleating, which is not surprising – over the past summer season she was rather tired!

And for the most extravagant amazing summer trend: faux fur, for example, vests or fur trim.

Now you know what to wear in summer 2014!

Author –Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear summer 2014: what trends are at the height of fashion?

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