What to wear summer boyfriend?

Stylish boyfriend jeans are so popular with many girls that do not want to abandon them in the summer season! And original women’s website “ToKnow365.top” I agree with fashionista – wear summer boyfriend, since it’s a great basic thing for creating a plurality of images!

Boyfriend jeans: what to wear in the summer?

“Boyfriends” – so versatile garment that you can wear with it can be anything: short tops and light blouse-tunics, fitted tops and a spacious t-shirts…

The website sympaty.net offers your choice of a few summer images on the basis of boyfriend jeans:

  • A bright off the shoulder top, gold or silver sandals with heels, jewelry under sandals, boyfriend light denim. This can be a way for parties in a club, for an evening walk, for a date in a cafe…

  • T-shirt, ballet flats or sneakers, bag sack or backpack. Simple walking way, which can be supplemented by a baseball cap or headband-Solokha, a bomber jacket or a summer jacket (if it becomes cool), bright jewelry or a light colored scarf…
  • As with the white shirt summer wear boyfriend: pick this dress color shoes (whether heels or without), colour belt, belt for jeans. If you have made a choice in favor of shoes that complement the way the clutch if wearing converse or slip-on shoes – pick up a backpack or a bulk bag.
  • The way in nautical style: “boyfriend” dark denim, a striped crop top, red handbag, red or white shoes, costume jewelry nautical theme and corresponding color scheme.

With clothes what colors to wear in summer “boyfriend” of a particular shade of denim?

  • With the bright blue and bright blue “boyfriend” should wear clothes and shoes or bright pastel colors or bright, but contrast with the blue colors (i.e., yellow, Magenta, orange, red). Dark colors are OK, but not dark blue and not gray.
  • With the “Boyfriends” of white or pale-blue denim, you can wear absolutely everything – the whole palette of shades at your service! Very stylish look pale blue jeans with a black “top”.
  • Dirty blue wash denim requires rich colors in clothes, especially in summer.
  • Jeans grey can be worn in all shades except gray and brown-beige palette.
  • Black and dark blue boyfriend, it is desirable to wear bright or saturated bright things.

What shoes to wear with boyfriend in the summer?

Boyfriend jeans is the staple, which is good and simple with comfortable shoes and elegant, creating an interesting contrast with her. So the choice of shoes depends on the task that you set for yourself.

It is no secret that cropped jeans visually make the lower leg shorter to compensate for this can shoes or sandals with heels. And the more open is the front foot, the longer your legs seem!

Very stylish and sexy look sandals with thin straps, almost completely revealing her foot.

Will not fit “boyfriend” sandals, sandals, and shoes with “false leg”, or covering the ankle wide straps, ribbons and other decorative elements. “Taboo” to wear to boyfriend jeans all sorts of “summer boots” (even a beautiful, bright, delicate, etc.): this is a very tacky, besides covering the ankle footwear is not blends with cropped jeans.

Other options what to wear with boyfriend jeans in the summer is ballet flats, espadrilles, sneakers (but just revealing the ankle, and not high “chucks”!), fashion espadrilles…

In the end, you should be comfortable – “diktat” heels, fortunately, is already taking place, and in the summer you can safely choose more affordable options, flat shoes or wedge heels. Wear comfortable summer jeans for you personally uncomfortable shoes simply no reason!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear summer boyfriend?

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