What to wear the color Marsala in clothing?

Slightly cooler than the wine red, and a little lighter than maroon and this color is called Marsala.

Ladies long gave him their preferences – as he goes and blondes, and brunettes, and a redhead, goes well with many shades and generally beautiful on its own!

What to wear the color Marsala is going to tell original women’s website sympaty.net.

What goes the color Marsala in clothing?

Of course, this bright juicy color can dominate in the image – for this purpose it is necessary to combine with the colors of achromatic colors. Black + Marsala gray + Marsala, white + Marsala and Marsala + Nude is a versatile combination.

But the mistake many girls is that they are limited to these obvious options, and missing the opportunity to create more unusual images!

The color Marsala in clothing can be combined:

  • With muted shades of green, from gray-green to dark swamp.
  • Blue – from bright to dark. This also applies to blue denim!
  • With a pale blue (but not bright blue and not mint).
  • With celadon.
  • With pale pink (and both cold and warm – is to pick up the rose, which most of goes).
  • With orange. If you are not afraid of the abundance of color, orange-red shades it is possible to “make friends” with the Marsala!
  • With yellow. But as it is very bright and contrast color, let yellow in the image will be just as accents: for example, yellow can be a belt, earrings, scarf or clutch. Or Vice versa – enter Rome as a small accent color in the image with an abundance of yellow.
  • With shades of brown.

Do not combine the color Marsala in clothing with mint, raspberry, red, bright green, purple and lilac, and neon colors.

Ideas images in the color Marsala

It is possible to look great, dressed in a dress the color Marsala. The shoes and the purse in this case does not have to repeat the color of the dress – they can be black, Golden or silver (elegant evening option), or the same shade of Nude, so as not to distract attention from the dress. Jewelry can be of gold or silver, and the color Marsala is great classic white pearls.

What to wear with a skirt of the color Marsala? There are many different variations of “top” – from lace beige blouses or shirts of bright denim.

If you have pants color Marsala, what to wear with them depends on the time of year.

But in General, these pants can be an interesting alternative to the usual black or grey trousers for business image – you should wear them with white or pale blue blouse and a black jacket.

Coat in the color Marsala will be combined with black and grey, beige and brown boots, and a hat, scarf, gloves and bag can be in the color of the Shoe, and any third color (from the list of those that are combined with Marsala).

Shoes and accessories color Marsala can be part of different color images, for example, shoes this hue gives a whole new meaning to a simple combination of jeans and top.

If you want to wear earrings and/or necklace the shade of “Marsala”, then be careful when choosing the shade of lipstick is best applied on the lips the same color Marsala, or as limited transparent “wet” lip gloss. Red, pink, crimson and Golden shades of lipstick will spoil all the impression of jewelry!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear the color Marsala in clothing?

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