What to wear tights with imitation of stockings?

Tights with imitation stockings or high knee socks is a fashion trend. There are many designs of these tights – the choice for every taste! What to wear tights with imitation, I will tell unusual female site sympaty.net.

Some rules of the dress code

On the website “ToKnow365.top” has already published material on how to wear stockings.

Recall important rule – the classic dress code does not allow you to wear dresses or skirts, opening the eyes of outsiders elastic stocking. Stockings is a spicy little secret women!

But what about print-the imitation of stockings with pantyhose?

After all, if it to put on tights with imitation, instead of the normal plain, then why hide interesting design? So wear these tights with short things – to see “the edge of the stocking”. It’s not bad!

But so far these tights are the item of clothing that should not wear to the office with business clothes, etc.

They are the youth thing we can recommend to lovers of the “highlights” in the image, not afraid of some bold and sexy.

Wear only stockings with high heeled shoes.

The tights with imitation this is not true – they can be worn with shoes or ankle boots, or with ballet flats, boots, sneakers and other shoes to go low. Not worth it just to wear open shoes – flip-flops, sandals, etc.

It also makes no sense to combine the tights with socks and high boots.

Tights with imitation of stockings: what to wear?

So what kind of clothes you can pick up the tights”stockings”? Of course, the short opening leg. It can be:

  • Mini dress. Better form-fitting, sheath or a-line.
  • Sweater dress knitted tunic dress.
  • Mini skirt the model that goes to figure.
  • Short shorts.

If the black tights, it is best not to wear them with lighter clothes.

But there is a trick: white and pastel things can be worn with tights with imitation of stockings if the “socks” part of the tights — dark and the upper – body (transparent). With these tights you can wear, for example, shorts of pale denim-“car wash” skirt with a delicate floral print, bright sheath dress…

It happens that the top or bottom of the tights has a print such as polka dots, longitudinal stripes, simulated mesh or lace. Then you need to see how this print combined with prints and overall style in clothing.

For example, lace tights do not go well with denim skirts.

Sometimes the edge of the “stocking” has a pattern or an unusual print, or on simulated pantyhose suspender braces.

In this case, you should remember that the more unusual and brighter tights, the shorter the cut and the color should be clothing. A versatile option for any design tights – little black dress, a black mini skirt or shorts.

There are also tights with imitation Golf. What to wear?

In addition to the things length, “mini”, try combinations with skirts and dress length to mid-knee.

And another tip. It is not necessary to wear tights with imitation of those who have obese legs. Visually these tights reduce the growth of girls and make the legs a little fuller, and to them wearing short clothes can not hide this problem.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear tights with imitation of stockings?

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