What to wear to the funeral?

Unfortunately, everyone in life is faced with a sad event demands a certain dress code. Wrong clothes at the funeral could be interpreted as disrespectful to traditions, to the deceased or his family, so no matter how great the grief, we need to think about what to wear for the funeral.

And it’s better just to read an article about the adopted traditions of mourning on the website sympaty.net and remember our advice if, God forbid, have to take part in the burial ritual.

What to wear to the funeral, depending on the location, acquaintance with the deceased?

Of course, the color of mourning – black.

The day of the funeral is the day of strict mourning! However, all attendees need to be dressed completely in black?

Black needs to be clothing close relatives, best friends of the deceased – usually the people who make the funeral arrangements.

However, if a disaster happened suddenly, family are experiencing a loss and are forced to work on various organizational aspects – fully black outfit may not be. In such cases, allowed to wear dark muted colors that do not cause cuts, and without decor.

Close relatives of the deceased should wear as a sign of mourning a black shawl or scarf-the dressing (for the Orthodox, and indeed adopted in the Slavic countries tradition).

Whether dressed for the funeral in black invited the party people – colleagues, acquaintances, etc.? Of course, black color in their clothing would be appropriate, and if the person considers it necessary to dress entirely in black is not a mistake!

But now the generally accepted rules in the form of an ultimatum do not require – things may be dark gray, dark blue, brown and other dull, dark colours. Under the black jacket, suit or coat you can wear a shirt or blouse even bright but subdued colors (beige, pale blue, pale lilac, etc.).

Misplaced sequins, rhinestones, costume jewelry (jewelry only valid engagement rings, watches, and small inconspicuous earrings – if a woman wears them constantly).

If the funeral take children, they are dressed by the same rules as adults. Even the girl will misplaced bows, frills, etc. – put it a black or dark dress with a simple cut or a complete set: skirt or pants + jacket.

Sometimes there are cases (for example, if the deceased was extravagant creative person, and going to a funeral, a circle of equally creative people who have unconventional views on death) that close relatives and friends decided to abandon the mourning at the funeral. As a rule, do so, if you think that this would be consistent with the will of the deceased. Then invited usually notify that you don’t come in black, and the meaning of the funeral – to remember how that person lived.

What to wear to a funeral women?

Womens funeral dress code is slightly different to the European (Catholic) countries we have, but the General rules of how to dress for a funeral, will be appropriate everywhere.

Clothing should be as modest and closed.

In principle, a woman can be like a skirt (dress), and pants – but keep in mind that if the funeral includes the burial service in the Church, the women wearing pants in Church to come is highly undesirable, and may never be allowed to go.

Also, if a priest is invited for performing funeral rites at the cemetery – it is also desirable to be in a skirt and treat it as a religious, Church ritual. Pants only valid if you know that the deceased and his family do not belong to the believing people, and the funeral will be held at the purely “secular” option.

Dress preferably with long sleeves. If the summer and with long sleeves it will be hot – wear a dress or a blouse with short or to the elbow sleeves, preferably made of comfortable natural fabrics. Sundresses and spaghetti strap dresses are unacceptable.

Of course, no transparent inserts, sequins, etc. (although there is a modest embroidery or dark lace). Also relevant options — a dress with a jacket, sweater, cardigan or coat, coat for the season and the weather.

We should also be said about scarves, shawls and hats.

An important symbol of mourning – black shawl, kerchief. It wear to the funeral of a close relative, as well as women involved in washing the dead and funeral arrangements. Other women can wear a black scarf or not to wear – on their own convictions.

But if the planned ceremony in the Church, the headscarf is necessary for all women (although acquaintances not only allowed black and other dark colors).

Scarves and cravats worn in the season for the heat, allowed different shades, but not bright and multicolor print!

The European (Catholic) funeral, the women have decided to wear a black hat – mourning hat small, no magnificent decoration, but often with a veil (to not show tears).

As for shoes, the advice from the website sympaty.net – get your shoes in most comfortable shoes for you, don’t wear heels: I’ll probably have to stand, to walk through the cemetery (and the new cemeteries often no easy paths), maybe help at the funeral…

What to wear to a funeral?

A classic option for men is to attend the funeral in a black suit. It looks strict, but at the same time, in a sense, solemnly as a sign of respect to the deceased and his family.

Should the suit be black, and what color shirt to choose?

All black suit is not at all, but if there is something good. Otherwise fit dark gray, dark brown, or black jacket and pants a different color.

The shirt does not have to be black – fit any relaxed hue. If a man wears a tie he can be both black and pale in color. If the tie-print, with only a very modest and austere, a narrow oblique stripe, small “goose leg” on a black background.

Costume is appropriate to attend the funeral, at the Church. Also, it is desirable costume to wear to the funeral of the man when he had to carry the coffin.

But if you are invited for parting with the deceased in a cemetery without a Church ceremony, it is acceptable dark jeans with a jacket, and the shoes – not shoes and boots for the season or running shoes.

In any case, deciding what to wear to a funeral, be guided by your beliefs and sense of tact! Better look unfashionable than defiant and uncalled for!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear to the funeral?

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