What to wear to the interview?

“Hello! I have engaged in active search of work after maternity leave, and I want to make an impression on your potential employer. Tell us how to dress for an interview? Sincerely, Alina”

We all have a rough idea how to dress for a job interview. Most often we are guided by the principle of “the stricter, the better”, preferring a business suit. This is partly correct. But is it always appropriate? Today women’s site sympaty.net reveals the preferences of HR managers who meet with candidates on clothes, and escorted to the mind. So, what to wear to a job interview to make a good impression?

A few Golden rules clothes for an interview
Rule 1. You need to look appropriate. Appropriate – means respectively a future post

If you work in the office, it would be appropriate business attire (office dress code) – this option is ideal for accountants, lawyers, managers of middle and senior managers.

A win-win clothes for a job interview – black-and-gray tones

If you the worker of creative occupations is a designer, artist or work in the fashion industry – you can to Express your taste and style through costume. On the one hand, is not as important formality in style, but on the other hand it is important attention to detail and proper color combination. If your employer is looking for a creative approach to your case to demonstrate creativity in your image.

Red jacket is a great accent in beige suit range

Rule 2. Be moderate and accurate in all

Every HR Manager is not only focusing on the image of the candidate as a whole and in the various small details. What brand watch like matched accessories, clean shoes, pleasant perfume and so on.

Therefore, avoid pretentiousness and excessive extravagance in clothing. The same applies for the hair, perfumes and makeup.

Rule 3. The Golden rule is to look a little better than is expected of you

Versatile clothing options for job interviews not, but every employer has expectations about their potential employees. About how the style adopted in the company, it is easy to guess by the nature of its activities (even in advance to visit company as a guest or a client).

Elegant accessories make the whole outfit

So try to imagine how might look like the employee of this company during business hours and dress a little better.

Do not forget that looking at you, the employer in appearance estimates your approximate cost.

The interview put on the best appearance and quality attire, because your appearance should correspond to the level of income on which you are applying.

However, we do not insist on stunning expensive things, it may alienate the employer (he will think you he can’t afford). We — for status, but not flashy things , an elegant pen, an expensive watch, bag leather good dressing, modest-sized diamonds.

Rule 4. Unambiguous prohibitions

It is not recommended to wear to a job interview translucent clothes, fishnet tights or colored tights, a very short skirt, a bright, flashy outfits with large print to wear clothes with a deep neckline, etc.

Clothes with sequins, ruffles, mesh, and other glamorous elements better leave in the closet to the nearest party! ?

As for the jewelry – totally unacceptable dangling earrings, a big jewelry, lots of bracelets on hand, cheap jewelry.

In the choice of shoes are guided not only by color but also its purpose – sports, beach and outdoor shoes, with lots of ornaments and bows will not produce to the employer a positive impression (in the office for sure!).

Stylish, but discreet

Rule 5. Consider the gender of the employer

Remember that first impression is the most important. Any experienced hiring Manager draw their own conclusions, leaving even the most cursory glance at your appearance.

This is especially important when you go on interview to the employer-the woman. The competition office has not been canceled, and you will be judged as a potential rival. Will be more beautiful and more spectacular than your boss – and then you can not see.

But all depends on the situation (see Rule 1) – in fact, if you get a job as a consultant in a fashion boutique or beauty salon, the employer will assess your style and ability to accessorize. In this case, you must seem in all its glory, because you will be the face of his employer. And yet in dealing with female modesty can’t hurt!

A great outfit for an interview, if the employer is male

What can and should wear to a job interview (office option)?

Strict Trouser suit

Hues – quiet blue, brown, gray, black, olive, or bright shades for the warm season – beige, cream.

Alternative suit – skirt plus a jacket, dress plus jacket. Allowed moderate pattern (plaid, stripes), fringe, the moderate elements.

Blouse or shirt with long sleeve

White, pink, blue, green, cream colors. Particularly impressive look blouses and shirts with cufflinks (cufflinks is subject to the rules for decorations – they have to be strict forms of quality material, without unnecessary frills). Shirt collar needs to be sized to not have the feeling of udachlivosti – otherwise the discomfort will make you more nervous.


Shoes – leather or suede, black, brown or beige for summer. Optimal stable heel of 6-7 cm. Open heel and toe are not welcome.

Jewelry and accessories

Of course, we women are not forbidden to wear jewelry to an interview. But they should be concise, elegant, simple form. The perfect variant is a string of pearls, gold, silver, expensive jewelry, a brooch on the lapel of his jacket.

These accessories are acceptable upon interview

If you don’t want to wear jewelry, then refresh your form a silk neck scarf, picked up on the tone lighter suit and blouse.

You can bring a bag of small size, ladies ‘ briefcase A4 format (perfect for those who have to bring to the interview documents), or clutch that will fit the Essentials. The bag should be of quality material, without major decorative elements.

Makeup and hairstyle

Of course, even a good clothes will not save you from failure if the head you have outright a mess. Hair should be clean, well groomed, with neatly trimmed ends.

Owners of long hair better to remove them in a neat ponytail, a braid or a bun. The shorter your hair, the better. Curls, braids, artistic mess is better left for another occasion.

Natural makeup is what is shown for the interview. No bright shades of lipstick and eye shadow, thick eyeliner. What more natural and fresh you look, the better – this rule applies not only when looking for work. Pay attention to the condition of your hands and nails – you may need to do a manicure and nails cover varnish a calm tone or make French.

The main thing in any interview is your confidence and charm! Believe in your success and you will succeed! ?

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What to wear to the interview?

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