What to wear to the Park?

Park – outerwear zip up with hood, very fashionable this winter! There are short parks-jackets are knee-length, parks-coat, and even parks down jackets from waterproof fabric! What to wear with the Park – will help to determine the way the website “ToKnow365.top“.

That can be worn with parkay?

Parks are different, cut straight and close-fitting, short, drawstring bottom, and without it…. All the parks brings style casual. Accordingly, the wardrobe of clothes and accessories to the Park you need to find in this style!

The main principle is “the bottom” under the Park should be narrow.

  • If pants or jeans – skinny jeans or chinos, and the classic and the more flared pants will not fit.
  • Skirt better than a short, knee-length, which will be either not visible under parkay, or be visible from under her the edge. The role-fitting of the bottom then will play the tights.
  • Instead of mini skirts can be short shorts with thick tights. Outside with parkay it will look exactly the same.
  • Tight leggings also the right decision. Top under the Park in this embodiment, it is possible to wear a sweater dress or a knitted tunic.

Put away the trousers, lush and Maxi skirts, breeches of different length below the knee but above the ankle.
If parks visible legs in the tights – the tights should be tight!

And it’s a great field to experiment with different socks, socks, knitted stockings…

Basically, parka to wear with any clothes for the season – sweaters, jumpers, turtlenecks, etc Watch just to underneath peeped the edge of a cardigan or any jacket casual allows for mixes of different things, but not encourages a chaotic heap of clothes!

What to wear with women’s Park what kind of handbag will suit such clothes?

The Park – save for the girls who even in all the bags I prefer backpacks!

Grey, black or brown Park fit color backpack made of leather or textile. A good youth bag-Torba (ekosumki), as well as bulk bags of leather or imitation leather is a great outlet for students who are forced to carry notes and textbooks and can not afford a little handbag.

What to wear with parkay in the winter?

Winter models of parkas usually have a fur on the hood, they are also insulated from the inside.

In winter it becomes a topical issue that can be worn with parcoy – which scarf and which hat?

Bigger than the hood (the fluffier fur on it) – the simpler and more modest cap. The usual knit cap is the right choice!

If you’re not going to throw a hood over the head, you can try to carry parkay women’s hat with earflaps (just follow the combination of the fur on the hat and edge of the hood!). If you knit beret – wear them with parkay!

And what about the scarf?

Many models of parkas is produced with a collar”stand” or anorak. In this case, of wool, knitted or crocheted scarf wound in the neck under parkay, and not suitable is too long, and three-dimensional model of scarves. Replace the scarf in this case, a warm stole or shawl.

But if the gate itself is not or he otvorachivayutsya, you can try a knitted Snood or scarf knit on top of parks.

What to wear to the Park: shoes

Shoes to the jacket Park fit without heel. Your attention is the selection of boots flats or a small wedge, Shoe (type of Doc ‘ Martins), and winter-suitable boots and ugg boots, if you like this shoes.

In the fall the Park can be worn with a La men’s boots, sneakers and chucks – but in any case not with sneakers! The Park is a good option if in the autumn impassability of roads you’re wearing rubber boots.

If you belong to the category of women who can not imagine themselves without at least some heel, pick boots or boots on a thick heel and 4-6 cm.

Park clothes are almost unisex. It does not fit very feminine, elegant, shiny, lace, etc. things! But a good concise comfortable items of clothing, comfortable footwear and practical accessories for the season!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear to the Park?

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