What to wear with a backpack?

Backpack – the best solution for women whose priorities are comfort and the ability to lead an active lifestyle and not be restricted by uncomfortable things. It is possible to wear more of the right things, and he literally gives you free hands!

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How can I carry a backpack?

Backpacks come in many different styles, and they complement very different things. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” offers some interesting images:

  • Shorts, cardigan, shirt, high boots, small leather backpack, hat.
  • Short leather jacket, backpack plaid-plaid, straight plain skirt, ankle boots.
  • Jeans, sweatshirt, sneakers, backpack.
  • Skirt Maxi, boots-Cossacks, suede or leather women backpack, top in the style of “boho”.
  • Tank dress, boots or shoes, a bright bag, scarf or headband, large costume jewelry.

Myths and truth about backpacks

About wearing this thing there are a lot of prejudices and stereotypes. Of course, most of them can be safely destroyed! But some rules should still be observed to this item did not look out of place in a specific way.

  • This set of jewelry. The folly of authorship aunts, for which the age begins that way in 30 years. If you like backpacks, a woman can wear them even in 90 years — only have to pick out harmonious clothes!
  • It is a thing out of place in the city. Depending on the model – there are sports, travel and urban options. Small backpack for walking around the city – that is necessary!
  • With business clothing backpacks are not. And this is partly true – in the business women’s style this item will not fit. Although if a woman against the image of “adult Schoolgirls”, it is possible to wear a backpack, for example, with a white shirt, classic trousers and a jumper.
  • Evening closet eliminates backpacks: any of them, even the most expensive and chic décor, you will not be able to complement an evening or cocktail dress. It’s not a myth but an absolute rule!

What shoes to properly wear a backpack?

In General, a direct relationship between the backpack and the shoes should not be – it can be things of different colors, from different materials and even different genres. But the “backpack” images still assume fits them the shoes – comfortable and practical. As a rule, a pleasure to look and the casual style goes well sports or semi-sports shoes type of shoes.

Shoes and boots without a heel is a solution of the question of what to wear with a leather backpack.

The summer model will go well with any sandals, ballet flats and sandals.

Even shoes can optionally be combined with small urban backpack (for example, if you wear a skirt MIDI). However, very dressy shoes is not suitable for the same reasons as formal dresses.

What to wear with a backpack in winter?

Backpacks can be worn all year round (although some seasonality in the models undoubtedly are observed – the summer lighter and brighter, and made of more delicate materials). Any woman can have in her wardrobe at least two versions – summer and winter.

Absolutely the right decision, from what to wear women’s backpack in the cold season:

  • Jackets.
  • Jackets.
  • Deflate, parks.
  • Leather jackets.

Controversial issue – whether the backpack with the coat?

Of course, the most elegant models coat need a bag. But if you are a woman who prefers unusual combinations, put on your straight coat (or even a cocoon coat) and a small leather backpack.

There is one little trick of how and what to wear with a backpack. Bigger than a coat or jacket, the longer should be the backpack straps. If you do not guess with their length, you will look “school-age”. Should not give the impression of a school satchel “over the hump”, which you do not growth or size. The optimal position of this accessory is such that its center is approximately at the level of your waist (not blades!).

Small bags with long thin straps can even be worn on one shoulder so that both straps were on the same side.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a backpack?

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