What to wear with a bandage skirt?

Skirt-bandage – it is very form fitting skirt made of elastic fabric. This model skirt perfectly emphasizes harmony legs and shows of your feminine a-line silhouette. What to wear with bandage skirt – read on the website “ToKnow365.top“.

How to wear bandage skirt?

Bandage mini skirt – a very tricky thing. It can give the image of elegance and a certain audacity, and might look completely ridiculous…

A lot depends on the shape: bandage mini contraindicated in fullness and wide hips.

Important is also the choice of “top”. The fitted top will only fit in perfectly proportional, though quite slender, the figure type “hourglass”. But because perfect women are few, and each of us has some personal features of the physique, then you need to adjust the silhouette proper selection of the “top”.

In the type of shape “pear” on top must be worn loose enough in the casual thing. Ideally above the waist to form a silhouette of “inverted trapezoid”. This can be achieved using a variety of tops and blouses.

Also “counterweight” can serve wide sleeve blouse, any ruffles in the chest and/or shoulders, and cropped jackets, boleros or short jackets.

In contrast, if you are the owner of a boyish figure with broad shoulders and narrow hips, then you have a decision – frill-peplum. Are bandage skirt with a peplum from the waist, and if the skirt doesn’t have this item, pick a top with similar detail below. Peplum visually expands the hips and defines the waist!

What to wear with a bandage skirt?

Skirt-bandage – something daring and sexy! What is its complement?

The website sympaty.net advises to combine it:

  • With light blouses.
  • With the shirts.
  • With the tops.
  • With t-shirts.
  • With a fitted bustier and halter tops. This is a very bold decision, but, for example, for going to the club.

Remember – if you wear a bandage skirt with a high waist, the top has to run under it! Exception – only cropped tops above the navel, bustiers and other short outrageous garments.

Want to wear a top coat or a jacket, choose a short model. If we are talking about a bandage mini-skirt to her suit jacket up to the waist. Bandage skirt knee length (pencil silhouette) can be complemented by classic jacket is hip-length.

What shoes need to bandage skirt?

To tight short skirts need a heel or platform. If you love and know how to play on the classic “stiletto” — that is the question what to wear with a bandage skirt.

In addition to studs, fit and a thick, stable heel.

And what about those girls who are not ready even for a trendy bandage skirt to torture their feet 12-inch “instruments of torture”?

You can try to wear sneakers on the platform (for example, arrowroot). Of course, this combination looks youthful, fresh and informal and is not suitable for the elegant feminine outfits.

Another tip is to wear a bandage skirt with a high waist you pick her narrow waist-band (e.g., color of shoes or handbags).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a bandage skirt?

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