What to wear with a crop top?

Crop top – the so-called halter top, revealing the belly button. Are crop tops on straps or with short sleeves – in fact, it’s such a cropped tank or t-shirt. For owners of slim figures crop top this summer will be the most fashionable item of clothing!

And what to wear with a crop top will tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Crop top with skirt: how to choose a stylish combination?

There are several great options for how to combine in one way halter top and skirt.

The first option is the crop top and pencil skirt. This combination will look good with a fitted, with larger tops. The main thing here is length and the height of the skirt: it should not be above the knees, and should not sit “on the hips”. Best of all – it is a classic pencil skirt with a high waist, and not a mini!

This way it is necessary to Supplement a high heel and a small flat clutch.

The second look with the skirt and crop top – style pin-up. For it will need a fitted halter that opens the abdomen, and the fluffy skirt is MIDI length. Moreover, the hairpin is not essential here – you can wear shoes “stud” or just ballet flats.

If you do not plan to hold precisely retro style of the 50’s, but love the combination of skirts and cropped “top” — wear a tulle skirt, converse and knitted crop top. Bold and bright image is ready!

The third option – short top with a chiffon or Jersey Maxi skirt.

But with a mini crop top to wear is not necessary, because the open legs and stomach at the same time is overkill. Even worse, if the top straps, not covering the shoulders and chest area. It is believed that the way people dress or teenage girls (while mom does not see), or girls of easy virtue.

The shorts and the crop top: summer youth!

This look is in Vogue thanks to popular today style is “hipster”.

Girls-hipsters gladly beat the fashion of the 60s, 70s and 80s: denim shorts, high-waisted, circumcised or knotted underbust tank top or t-shirt, sneakers, backpack, or bag-“postal worker”, headband, round glasses a La John Lennon – a typical hipster way!

If this trend in fashion you don’t close, then perhaps a different decision, how to wear a crop top with shorts. For example, for clubbing you can wear shorts with sequins and black top, complementing the image of the shoes or heeled sandals and jewelry – get stylish and sexy look!

Most importantly, choose a short top high waist shorts – then you will not be charged with vulgarity and lack of taste!

What kind of trousers can be worn with a crop top?

The easiest solution is jeans. Modern jeans with a high waist, but some girls prefer to wear crop top jeans with a low rise. Remember that you need to have a perfect flat tummy!

In addition to jeans, notice the chinos and pants, and culottes – short top well pants incomplete length.

But of course in this case you will need a Shoe with a heel (though not necessarily to choose a thin pin).

Interesting image you get when you wear a cropped top wide leg pants-skirt of light fabric. For example, black pants skirt top beige lace can become the basis of a dressed-up look for a warm summer evening.

As you can see, the options are, what to wear with crop tops, pretty much!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a crop top?

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