What to wear with a denim skirt with buttons?

Denim skirts that fasten the front row of buttons were in Vogue in the 80s and 90s, and for a long time, everyone thought that this model of skirts is hopelessly outdated.

But this season unpredictable fashion gave us a surprise: denim skirts with buttons reappeared on the runways and in the collections of popular brands! What to wear with a denim skirt with buttons – will tell the site “ToKnow365.top“.

Is it possible to denim skirt with buttons to wear buttoned “up”?

The combination in one image of the two rows of buttons (skirt and blouse) is indeed a very slippery point, which is easy to make a mistake. The easiest, of course, is to abandon the “top” on the clasp, and wear a skirt, button-down tops, tank tops, sweaters, turtlenecks, etc.

But you can go beyond the simple solutions and try to cope with the task is more difficult!

For example, it is acceptable option to wear a skirt of jeans are on sale “tops”, “lightning”: that is, for example, it can be a short jacket or a bomber.

If above and below will be the number of buttons, then let one of the things that the buttons are unobtrusive, and on the other more visible and decorative. For example, the skirt – metal, and on the shirt – plain, small, made of plastic in the color of the shirt. Or Vice versa – a simple, modest buttons on the skirt and the vest with one, two or three major buttons.

Also you can safely wear short jackets and jackets wide open – there are no problems in compatibility will not.

But there is one taboo, the violation of which no good will not result. This double-breasted jackets and jackets with asymmetrical adjacent buttons. Wear them with a skirt, the buttons which are in front in the middle, is just silly.

What to wear with denim skirts with buttons of different breed?

  • A-line skirt with buttons. These skirts come in different lengths. Wear them better with a straight or a fitting “top,” and shoes it is better to choose the casual style, for example, converse or espadrilles, ballet flats, shoes, sandals or ankle boots on a thick heel or platform.
  • The pencil denim with buttons down the front. Of course, the best pencil skirts look great with heels, but since denim makes the image more casual and democratic, then wrapped in elegant “studs” or simply “a boat” not worth it. The top – any of those are worn to generic “pencil”: blouses, tops, shirts, jackets with one button…

  • MIDI skirt with buttons. If this skirt features the Empire waist, it is possible to fill the top – top or blouse. Pullovers, cardigans and sweatshirts to fill in a denim MIDI, of course, not necessary, but extra-model “top” will not fit here.
  • Denim mini with front buttons. It should be worn with short or to refuel inside stuff: t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Remember that it is very youth and quite dressy, so don’t even try to wear with a mini skirt from jeans buttoned all sorts of t-shirts with sequins, costume jewelry with lots of rhinestones, etc. the Right decision – top and sport shoes and casual styles.

In General, denim skirt with buttons is a good everyday thing. Female site sympaty.net advised to keep it in the closet on the case when you need to quickly get dressed and run an errand and absolutely no time to spin in front of the mirror in search of new combinations. Wear any t-shirt and your favorite comfortable shoes, take a backpack or envelope clutch in, button up the buttons on the skirt and here is the final image that fits into the current trends!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a denim skirt with buttons?

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