What to wear with a denim vest?

Denim vest – simple and all the usual garment. However, it requires a good sense of taste – can be wrong and look tacky and old-fashioned clothes like this… So advice site sympaty.net, what to wear with denim vest, will be very helpful!

How to wear a denim vest?

The main question arising about the peculiarities of wear of this thing is to wear a vest buttoned or unbuttoned? In principle, both options are possible, but preferable in your case, the way to wear denim vest depends on the cut and the combination with other things.

Denim vest are buttoned, if:

  • If we are talking about a form-fitting vest with a deep neckline (designed for any t-shirt, etc.). In fact, such a vest – almost a corset. It is always worn buttoned!
  • If it’s a vest with a single-button closure. These models are free, and form-fitting, but they are always button.
  • “A La men’s” denim waistcoat with V-neck, with the back made of lining fabric, also always button.
  • Tight vests of thin denim can be designed to be worn on a naked body (i.e. on the bra). Of course, they need to zip up!

Although, if you’re gonna put all the buttons on any other vest (e.g., when a gust of cool breeze), a catastrophic mistake that will not be – otherwise why the designers would do her buttons?

Undo or do not button up all the buttons on a denim vest if:

  • It’s a short vest to the waist or higher. Such vests are worn as a Bolero.
  • Under the vest is wearing a shirt or dress with an interesting print or on the neck emblazoned jewelry that you do not want to hide. The vest in this case would be only the “frame” for the integrity of the image!

What clothes worn denim vest?

Denim is perfect for a variety of materials and fabrics! The top of the jeans is good and with a light chiffon, with a tight Jersey or a viscous…

So don’t limit yourself, coming up with images!

Options from the website “ToKnow365.top“:

  • Vest, shirt, Maxi skirt.
  • Vest, light cotton or chiffon dress. The softer dress, the more contrast between him and the denim, the better!
  • Shirt with a denim vest – a classic cowboy style!
  • Short vest, tunic, leggings.
  • Vest, t-shirt or top, shorts (they can be denim, and other fabric).
  • T-shirt, short vest, skirt of tulle.

Maybe someone will be surprised that among our recommendations was not the obvious option – a denim vest and jeans.

But not always an abundance of denim looks good! “Denim boom” in fashion is long gone, and now enough one denim stuff in the way.

If you still wear both – and then let the vest will be a short one, worn open, and don’t forget about bright colors – color top or a turtleneck sweater, a colorful scarf or jewelry.

Also a mandatory rule – two denim items should be identical in color and quality!

What not to wear a denim vest?

But what you should not wear this thing, not to pass old-fashioned?

  • Classic pants
  • Business skirt (here it is not even in the cut and in the General style of the skirt!)
  • Sweaters and thick knit sweaters. Denim vest on top of them always looks terrible!

Remember — denim is badly suffering combined with office style, simple, classic stuff – but casual style denim vest can be worn with almost everything!

Author — Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a denim vest?

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