What to wear with a duffle coat?

With the approach of cold weather becomes more urgent question of choice of outerwear. I want to have something comfortable and warm, but at the same time stylish; fashion – however, it is relatively universal and suitable for different outfits…

The website “ToKnow365.top” as a solution to this problem provides a wear duffle coat. What is this thing and what to combine?

What could be the duffle coat?

The duffle coat has a very interesting pedigree.

Originally it was exclusively a male piece of clothing is a straight elongated jacket made of thick woolen cloth, worn by fishermen on fishing vessels: duffle coat protected them from the cold and wind.

And then, fortunately, something happened, what happened is an interesting model of jacket has attracted the designers and the duffle coat was stylish outerwear for the city.

Along with men, has developed many female models: short and long, a-line and fitted, winter lined and lightweight, made from raincoat fabric…

What unites all these very different variations? Special buttons and the way they fasten!

Each button has the shape of a Fang and instead slide into a slot, odevaetsya in the loop of the leather straps or cord. This method of zipping the fishermen that it was possible to quickly undo the duffle coat without removing work gloves.

Classic women’s duffle coat is straight coat of thick wool fabric, a length of approximately 10-20 cm above the knee, with two patch pockets at the bottom, sometimes with a hood, and the obligatory buttons-the”fangs” on the hinges. But in addition to it, there may be variations:

  • Winter duffle coat, insulated lining and fur on hood.
  • Duffle coat-a-line.
  • A fitted duffle coat is a coat (elegant model, sometimes even with some ruffles!).
  • Duffle coat-a jacket (a short, mid-thigh).
  • Duffle coat-a cloak of light fabric (sometimes the actual Mac).
  • Cape clasp as deflate.
  • Duffle coat-jacket (again from the original model only).

How to wear a duffle coat in each of these models – let me find out!

What to wear with duffle coat: casual style

Most variations deflate themselves are part of the casual style – casual style of many young inhabitants of modern cities. So Davlatali combination of simple, uncomplicated things that are, perhaps, everything.

Any good duffle coat with jeans – just jeans pick the model that you maximum goes. Versatile with skinny jeans.

Except the jeans, it is possible to thick winter leggings, skinny, narrow pants. Looks good dark or beige-grey duffle coat with colored pants or jeans.

Shoes – almost any, in addition to the elegant models on the thin heel. If you really can’t without heels – give preference to a broad, stable. Can try the combination with high boots flat shoes, boots-Doc ‘ Martins, timberlands, ugg, converse…

But with sneakers – no!

Can the duffle coat look elegant?

Often the question arises – whether you wear a duffle coat to those women who don’t like youth casual stuff and dress more “adult” and elegant? With today’s diversity of models Davlatov the answer is Yes!

What to wear with women’s duffle coat? Options:

  • With the pencil skirt or straight skirt to mid-knee (and possibly MIDI). This is perfect with a duffle coat silhouette “trapeze”, the duffle coat-Cape, a fitted duffle coat… by the Way, the skirt can be any print, for example, in a cell-tartan (better known this kind of cells called “tartan”).
  • Knit MIDI skirt or knee length.
  • Duffle coat-Cape, you can try to wear classic women’s trousers, perhaps even wide.
  • With this Jersey dress.

What headgear combined with the duffle coat?

Over this issue well worth considering, because many hats under the top of clothes just don’t fit!
Inappropriate hats, caps, scarves…

What is suitable?

  • Knitted and crocheted hats
  • Knitted headbands, all headbands-“ears” (if you love and wear)
  • Knitted beret

Plus this fashion – to wear the duffle coat can do everything, from little girls to older women, and each of us can choose the right style for yourself.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a duffle coat?

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