What to wear with a knitted skirt?

To female website “ToKnow365.top” asked a reader with this question: “And what in the fall you can wear a knit pencil skirt?”. Skirts knitwear is a very fashionable trend, and not only in autumn, so we will be happy to tell you what to wear with knit skirts in different patterns!

What to wear with a pencil skirt out of knit fabric?

Knit “pencil” – in fact, bodycon skirt in stretch material. Often they are made with a side slit or with any drapery.

What to wear with this knitted skirt?

The options are many – not least because Jersey is more democratic, a better fit youth casual style. Original female site sympaty.net can offer these images:

  • Black or grey knitted pencil skirt, light top, short jacket, bright colors, ballet flats or shoes.
  • Coloured knitted pencil skirt, knitted jumper, boots, or sneakers.
  • Pencil skirt with high waist, light blouse, dress shoes or ballet flats.
  • The pencil top, light cardigan, scarf, shoes or ankle boots.

What to wear with knit mini skirt?

Short skirt knit is a pretty bold thing! Suitable for young girls without excessive weight problems.
You can wear this skirt with clothing preppy with the sweaters, shirts and vests, high socks or gaiters, shoes on a flat sole or heel.

There are also possible variations on a sports theme – for example, knit skirt, t-shirt, sneakers or sneakers, a bomber jacket.

In the cold season you can wear a skirt with high boots-bottomtime and a chunky knit.

What to wear with knit Maxi?

If in your wardrobe there is a long skirt made from knit – you can assume that you have forever solved the problem of “nothing to wear”. Beautiful Maxi can be combined with a variety of “top”, it is easy to create both casual and dressy way.

To wear knitted skirt length to the ankle can such clothes:

  • With any blouses.
  • With the shirts.
  • With corsets and tops on the straps.
  • With jackets.
  • With jumpers and sweaters (not long).
  • Short jackets – denim, leather.
  • Fur vests, coats.

Try to complement the images of belts – wide belt or narrow belt-strap.
But of course, the Maxi dress requires you to wear shoes with a heel, and it should not be forgotten.

What to wear with a skirt of knit mid-length?

Knitted MIDI “dangerous” thing. In some combinations it looks extremely old-fashioned, “old”. But you can avoid it and create beautiful images!

For example, do not wear knitted skirt mid-length jackets especially look awful female models jackets with hard shoulder, i.e. shoulder pads). Also, do not wear her shoes, particularly athletic or “a La male.

It is best to create a cozy and feminine look, with soft fabrics and smooth lines of the silhouette… There will be good light blouses and tops, cardigans (knitted), and shoes or heeled ankle boots.

The skin that goes well with a variety of fabrics and textures. Don’t be afraid to combine – try contrasts: wear a knit skirt with a denim vest, or with a large knitted sweater, or top with lace…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a knitted skirt?

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