What to wear with a knitted sweater?

Cardigan is so… commonly. It is, perhaps, at all! Only the most commonly observed two extremes: some ladies wear the jacket buttoned “and in the feast and in the world”, with everything, while others consider it “shameful” that old-fashioned element of the wardrobe and put except that to the country!

As you may have guessed, between these options is the “Golden mean” and the website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you how to wear a jacket correctly.

Cardigan is elegant!

Classic-fitting jacket buttoned can become part of feminine elegance. In this case, the appropriate model of knitted Jersey, not too long (mid-thigh high, otherwise it is not a blouse, and a cardigan!).

Options from the website sympaty.net:

  • Jacket, under it – a thin “turtleneck” or top, pencil skirt, high heeled shoes for the season. You can complement a scarf or a light scarf.
  • Jacket length to mid-thigh, a belt at the waist over a jacket, classic straight-leg pants, heel.
  • A fitted cardigan buttoned with a scoop neckline, under – shirt with stand-up collar, mermaid skirt. Shoes can be loafers, but classic style.

Jacket do not have to fasten all the buttons on! A model is designed to carry wide open, there are blouses with a top button or Vice versa, with only several lower.

This gives you the opportunity to experiment with what is worn under a jacket, for example, tops and Longsleeves with prints look great with solid cable-knit sweaters!

And if “taunt” is plain, then “solo” accessories – shawls and scarves, beads and pendants, and other than you come up with to decorate the neck and décolleté!

Wear jacket – youth!

In the view of many girls jacket – it is something from grandma’s closet. However, this is a mistake, because knits fit perfectly into the casual style!

What to wear with a jacket, make sure not to look old-fashioned?

  • The chunky knit sweater “oversize”, boyfriend jeans, uggs, shoes or sneakers-sneakers.
  • Bodycon slim blouse, knitted tank top under her short skirt, tight leggings or stockings.
  • Cardigan, shorts, tight tights.
  • Jacket, tight jeans, scarf-Snood, boots, boots.

What to wear with knit cardigan – a creative approach

If you love experimenting with combining clothes and ready to try the look with a knitted cardigan, use our recommendations!

  • The larger the knit, the denser and heavier materials should be additional items. For example, the volume sweater-knit will be a good winter with thick leggings, jeans, wool MIDI skirt, materials like chiffon in this way does not fit.
  • As for jewelry – buttoned sweaters should not Supplement with beads, pendants or necklaces that descends to the very top. It is quite enough buttons in front! Exception – if the shirt has a great neckline or worn open, i.e. jewelry does not concern it. You can always pick up a pair of earrings, a brooch, a ring, if the sleeves are not too voluminous and long, and the bracelet.
  • Good for sweaters scarves, shawls, stoles, snudy… Remember about the compatibility of the materials for “gravity”, but try to combine a smooth knit and textured knitting, lace knitting with dense, etc. Good with knitted sweaters shawls and stoles with tassels, fringe and other decoration of this kind.

  • Skirts to knitted jumpers to fit the most diverse, but it is better not to wear long sweaters-cardigans with skirts (unless wide open and with a belt at the waist).
  • If you wear a knitted sweater with jeans, let the jacket covers the hip, cut-off blouses, off the abdomen and lower back in low-slung jeans, long out of fashion.

Most importantly, do not give up on sweaters at all – in fact in different variations of knitted sweaters accompany us from season to season for decades!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a knitted sweater?

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