What to wear with a-line dress?

This cut of dress originated in the 70-ies of the last century and since then has not left the catwalks and the wardrobes of fashionistas! “Trapeze” is a great choice to casual dress, but if it is made of elegant fabric and complemented by matching accessories and decor – this dress could be considered a cocktail!

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Something to complement a dress-a-line?

In principle, the cut-line is quite self-sufficient – no need to hide that dress under layers of other clothes, in order not to lose the silhouette. And of course, won’t need a belt.

But if required by weather and time of year, of course, you need to know what to wear over this dress.

The best option of clothing in this case, a coat or cloak similar to the trapeze silhouette. In winter it can be fur coat no belt knee length (but not shorter than the dress itself!).

If trapeze dress has some decoration on top (e.g., collar), simple cut can drape a stole, a scarf, a shawl (how to choose these accessories, read here), scarf or Sodom – all these things are perfectly balance the expansion of the dresses down.

For example, what to wear with red dress “trapeze”: with a white or grey knitted Sodom.

Short trapeze dress can be worn with leggings or form-fitting jeans (like a tunic). The same applies to knitted “trapezoids”. For example, if in your wardrobe there is a blue trapeze dress, what to wear with a simple black leggings, and tan shoes.

What jewelry to wear dress “trapeze”?

Because the visual “center of gravity” of an a-line dress shifted downward, then it can and should be offset by a noticeable, interesting jewelry on the neck or in the ears. Appropriate large beads, colorful necklace I. D.

However, it is not necessary to wear a choker”collars” — they are only good off the shoulder and decollete, in all other cases they visually shorten the neck and give the impression of tightness, lack of freedom and discomfort.

If you do not wear anything on the neck, feel free to choose large earrings or earrings with long pendants.

If you have a black trapeze dress, what to wear with it – so it is with low of pearls and pearl earrings: the option that is perfect for a business cocktail party, and working!

The trapeze dress with sleeves to the elbow or ¾ good wide bracelets or large rings.

What shoes to wear a-line dress?

“Trapeze” is one feature – due to the expansion of the silhouette down to the hips look wider and legs, alas, shorter. It is necessary to compensate for the expense of correctly chosen shoes!

To your legs in your dress a-line slim look, choose heels or a high wedges – in all cases when it is convenient and appropriate. It concerns shoes, sandals, ankle boots, boots…

If we talk about what shoes to wear warm dress a-line in the cold season, it is surely high boots. The tall shaft also visually adds height and slimness of the legs!

However, there is one trick – if you wear a “harness” with jeans or tight trousers as tunic dresses, then you can safely wear tall boots with low, wide shaft, and even without high heels: for instance, “Cossacks” or even uggs.

But ballet flats, espadrilles, sneakers and sandals to an a-line dress can afford only girls with fairly thin legs.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a-line dress?

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