What to wear with a long shirt women?

If there is a subject, which can be described as an absolute must-have for women with any type of shapes, tastes in clothing style and even in any season, this subject surely is a long shirt.

To figure out what to wear with a long shirt, very simple, and models such shirts, there are many.

Of course, the original women’s site “ToKnow365.top” could not ignore this thing!

What kind of “hem” how to wear long shirt?

No matter what the cut was neither long shirt, it should be worn with a narrow hem. The most obvious option, pants, leggings, skinny jeans. If you choose a neutral or black skinny leggings, you can wear shirts of any color, and endlessly to change shoes, accessories, belts and other details, receiving all new and new images.

The base image, what to wear with white long shirt, showed Uma Thurman in the famous scene of the movie “pulp fiction” (dance with John Travolta) — the shirt was accompanied by simple black pants, and nothing more! Mind danced barefoot, but in real life she probably would have shoes in classic black “studs” and took up the clutch.

If the growth and complexion allow you, then you can wear cropped pants type chinosol (opening the ankle), or even breeches just below the knee. But with a small growth or fullness should not do it – the legs will look even shorter and hips wider.

Another brand the proper option, what to wear with a long shirt-dress is tights.

You know that beige body tights went out of fashion? Therefore pick the shirt dress something interesting: the imitation stocking pantyhose tights with prints, colored models pantyhose, etc. And not necessarily to shoes cablecast shoes – the sneakers, espadrilles, boots-Cossacks — almost any comfortable shoes in a casual style.

And don’t forget the ability to complement the look with knee socks or knee socks!

Is it possible to combine a skirt and a long shirt? For this you need a keen sense of style, but some ladies do it! For example, what to wear with long denim shirt: wear it under black or white and a narrow straight knit skirt, and the shirt is not fastened.

Not trivial, but an interesting image, and not just for skinny women!

Long shirt women: what to wear?

Actually, the idea to wear a long open shirt over some other clothes quite fresh and require new incarnations! The easiest thing to wear under a shirt shirts and t-shirts and tuck them into the same skinny jeans and pants. Girls with a slender figure can throw a long shirt on a set consisting of top and shorts.

But, of course, there are many options of images, where the long shirt is the bottom layer of clothing.

Such shirts can be worn top vests – long and short, and form-fitting, boxy cut. Solid color long vest is the solution, what to wear with a long shirt.

Of course, to the long shirts you can even need to wear the belt. Now fashion narrow belts-straps, but if you have fullness in the waist – more a wide belt or a belt-corset.

A full hand will look sleeker if to roll up their sleeves¾.

What else to wear a long shirt?

  • With coat-cocoon.
  • With a short jacket (only if the shirt is not too large).
  • With jacket-parkou.
  • With a poncho.
  • With cardigan.

Jewelry under a long shirt is a necklace worn under the collar. With short sleeves or sleeveless incomplete length you can wear bracelets and watches. If you wear a shirt, unbuttoned not one, but two or three top buttons, you can wear on the neck choker.

As you can see, the selection of clothing and accessories lot — to make the wrong choice in such abundance of solutions is almost impossible!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a long shirt women?

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