What to wear with a long vest?

Women’s vest with length below the hips – trend of the new fashion season! Run to the store for a new!

And what to wear with a long vest will tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Blouses, tops and other clothing – what to wear with a long vest?

Vest – clothing is not independent, it is necessary to put something on. What? Will suit virtually any blouse, shirt, top, turtleneck , etc. – depending on the weather and your mood!

But there are a few simple recommendations:

  • Do not wear the vest blouses with wide, mottled, “Gypsy” sleeves, lots of frills etc are best suited or slinky Jersey sleeves or narrow — cut shirt, or short (without “wings”, “lantern” and other decor).
  • You can wear a tank top or a tank top – to see only a small piece of this clothing in the tank (if you’re going to wear it buttoned). The variant with a t-shirt suitable for wearing a vest hanging open – then you can pick up a t-shirt with print, applique, embroidery, etc.
  • Under a plain vest good lace openwork blouse.
  • If you are ready for a bold stylish way to wear crop tops, opening the abdomen, and the vest is not fastened.
  • Not fit under long vest voluminous sweaters, knitted tunics, etc.

Which trousers fit long vest?

Pants and jeans – certainly a suitable version of “bottom” to the long vest!

More versatile will be a combination with skinny jeans and skinny. You should definitely try wearing a long vest with short pants – type chinosol, or with boyfriend jeans!

Original combination, which can afford high girl’s wide leg pants-skirt and long vest. Or wide-leg trousers are not full length, and just below mid-calf (i.e. culottes).

Stylish look for slim girls to wear the long vest with shorts.

What skirts to wear a long vest?

With any that you like and go! Except only a lush mini (or a mini”trapezium”). But otherwise, the range is unlimited — wear waistcoat:

  • Lightweight chiffon Maxi
  • Fatinovy MIDI (super-edgy!)
  • Knitted MIDI
  • “Pencil” (gorgeous combination!)
  • Direct mini
  • Denim straight skirt.

And will certainly try combining it with other skirts to your wardrobe – you probably are in for a pleasant fashionable the open!

However, remember that choosing a bright skirt, wear it with a vest top discreet so as not to overload the image with flowers.

Dress and long vest combination

What kind of dress would become an organic ensemble with the vest length is just above the knee?

Be sure to pay attention to simple knit dresses (with sleeves and without) is very stylish and comfortable combination! Narrow dress from the knitted material can be almost any length, from mini to radical low MIDI.

Also safely experiment with the “hard cases”, straight dresses and dresses-trapezes.

But the form-fitting dress with a fluffy skirt (silhouette “new look”) will not fit into the image.

Shoes to the elongated vest

Heels, of course, universal and septimania – whatever you put on a long vest, shoes or heeled ankle boots will add elegance.

But don’t discard other options: for example, sandals or boots on a tractor sole, loafers, espadrilles and even converse!

In cool weather, very stylish will look great with a long vest and a short “hem” under it, boots with high tops (not necessary to experiment with all sorts of “summer boots”, especially delicate – it is already unfashionable and stupid).

And, of course, where do without accessories! To the long vest is perfect high gloves and fingerless gloves (in cool weather when the vest can be worn instead of a light coat), rectangular clutches-envelopes, large bracelets (wrist if opened) and coat brooches.

If the neck area is not covered by the collar of a turtleneck, choose a beautiful necklace or choker.

Snudy and cravats will be a good addition to the image, and even a long vest to wear with hats and caps is stylish and feminine and Flirty!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a long vest?

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