What to wear with a metallic skirt, pleated, dress, other clothes

The fabric is metallic like not all the things with metallic luster usually can pull off only bold and ready to outrageous experiments in the girl’s image! But this material didn’t look like a freak, and stylish “trick” — you need to read women’s website sympaty.net how to wear metallic.

As stylish to wear metallic?

Things from fabrics with a metallic sheen rather capricious in choosing combinations: of course, any garment of similar material claims to be a futuristic style, but… in ordinary life, this style is rarely appropriate. If you don’t want to look at metallic as a robot or an astronaut from a retro movie, then you need to dilute something more worldly and not at all pretentious.

What is it exactly?

  • Heavyweight matte fabrics (denim, Jersey, tweed etc.).
  • Fluffy and fuzzy textures – mohair, cashmere, suede, velvet, etc.
  • Knitted things.
  • Soft shapes without sharp corners.
  • Surround things (oversized).

But needless to get involved in the Association “horse and quivering DOE” is not necessary – unlikely to be a one-piece manner, for example, leggings metallic and blouse with lace and print “millefleur”. But a knitted sweater or a knit shirt such leggings will be good!

Two different Metallica in one way, of course, to combine it is not necessary. But wearing metal jewelry in the color of the fabric is possible, and it is better to take large jewelry, because small fine jewelry next to the metallic luster of clothes is lost. And suitable, for example, wide metal bracelets, earrings, etc.

What to wear with a metallic skirt?

If you are in doubt, what thing from the material of the metallic wearing – let it be the skirt. This skirt immediately asks the silhouette – even with the free cut shiny fabric to create a crisp geometric folds.

Straight skirt or pencil skirt from Metallica is good with solid tops, t-shirts, shirts and blouses. Prints better to choose a geometric or a large, clear and legible.

Very fashionable thing – a pleated skirt made in metallic fabric. Pleated good that makes you slimmer and taller due to vertical folds, and the glitter enhances this effect! But do not overdo it with the geometry in the image, and of course, do not use a striped print.

To wear the skirt is pleated with a coat and unbuttoned cardigans, jumpers, sweaters, fur vests, knitted jackets, large shirts… With jackets be careful – could be a good solution, but only if the jacket with sharp shoulders and no short: the fashion for “close” women’s jacket is gone.

What colors to wear fabric that mimic a particular metal?

“Metallica” can be divided into colored (i.e., of any color, but with metallic shiny texture) and those that echo the shade of a metal – gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc.

How to wear a colored metallic paint with those shades, which combines the color. Here the texture does not impose any additional conditions, follow the normal construction rules of color combinations.

As for the “metal Metallica”, and wear them with those colours which would you wear yourself to this metal: for example, “silver” — white, black, bright rich colors, gold with dark dense tones, with scarlet, blue, white…

There is another approach – let other fabric repeat or be similar in hue to the fabric-Metallica, but differ in texture and density.

For example, what to wear with a skirt-pleated bronze metallic with dark brown leather shoes and a cashmere sweater in a shade of chocolate.

There are tissue-Metallica with “gasoline” effect: when the tissue surface at different angles of view has a colour tide several shades. Carefully contemplate what colors you see in the play of “gasoline” — it’s just those colors that you can wear cloth!

Evening dress metallic

Dress made of fabric “metallic” — definitely an evening thing. In short, you can go to the club long – for a restaurant, theater, red carpet… what accessories to wear and what shoes?

Of course, you can wear shoes, and bring a clutch bag is also from Metallica. But, alas, such glittering images are rarely composed with taste and sense of proportion… just do not need to take accessories, studded with rhinestones, sequins, etc.

The best option is shoes and theatrical handbag from satin or patent leather, not necessarily the same color as the dress.

Classic version with black stilettos and a black clutch bag exactly what should “work” in the dress of metallic fabric.

What jewelry to wear with this dress is a very complex issue which everything is decided by personal taste. Small exquisite jewelry will be too modest to look in the evening, and even with such a dress. Shiny metal jewelry often looks quite organically, but it’s an option for a club party, and not for the noble secular.


Large jewelry is not at all, and the cloth-metallic them visually cheapens the neighborhood: it is not necessary to hold close diamonds and “Christmas toys”. Sometimes this dilemma to solve the lack of jewelry – especially if the dress covers the neck and/or shoulders, is interesting, perhaps asymmetric drape bodice and/or sleeves.

Sometimes picking out jewelry from a non-shiny material, contrasting with the dress.

Metallic, of course, capricious, and demands impeccable taste when choosing combinations. But if you can handle the task, then your image is in every sense brilliant!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a metallic skirt, pleated, dress, other clothes

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