What to wear with a MIDI skirt?

MIDI is the so – called average length: from 10 cm below the knee to 10 cm above the ankle. In this length range, there is a huge variety of styles of skirts among which you can choose a skirt for any occasion! What to wear with a skirt MIDI will tell the site “ToKnow365.top“.

Pencil skirt MIDI – what to wear?

Pencil – probably the most elegant model of skirt! And length just below the knee for a narrow skirt!

A pencil skirt can be worn both in the office and free time for walks, visits and informal events.

With a skirt of this cut is almost any “top”, for example:

  • Short jackets.
  • Blouses and shirts (they better fill under the skirt).
  • Knit tops, t-shirts.
  • Cardigans – they are in this case are wide open, not buttoning and tying not.

What to wear with a MIDI skirt in the fall, so it is with trenches and coats – pencil in combination with such things creates a classic feminine look! Winter skirt of this style is the solution, what to wear with the coat!

Pencil skirt – thing is simply a clear silhouette, most of these skirts are sewed from a dense fabric. So it is always nice to look contrast of textures – strict skirt and a thin, airy fabric blouse.

You can also experiment with the “top” of lace, delicate, open-knit…

Possible contrast – direct MIDI skirt and oversized knit sweater or fur vest.

And if you have a denim MIDI-skirt – what to wear with it, the question does not arise, because the answer – all what you like! It’s knitted tops and shirts, sweaters and pants, strict shirts and feminine blouses: because denim pencil women’s wardrobe – a real must-have!

Any pencil is of medium length requires a small heel or wedge. Lately there is a fashion (mostly youth) to wear a straight or fitted skirt length mid-calf shoes with thick smooth platform.

But ballet flats (and other shoes without heels, and wedgies) are not suitable, as in curve-conforming skirt of given length legs will look short. To afford such an experiment may be only a very slender tall girls. Also pencil MIDI will not fit boots with high, wide tops.

Wide MIDI skirt – what to wear?

Wide mid-length skirts came into fashion in the 50’s, and then a variety of their variations never left the wardrobes of women around the world.

If you have a lush MIDI skirt, how to wear this thing? The most familiar option – with a fitted “on top”.

Good t-shirts and halter tops and corsets strapless. Looks great with the skirt top with a deep neckline. If you wear a jacket to a skirt-MIDI casual “bell” or “the sun” — it is only short.

Lush MIDI creates a feminine silhouette and emphasizes the waist – it is advisable to wear it with tight clothing, or tuck inside of a blouse in a boxy cut. Good with these skirts belt at the waist accentuates the silhouette.

A wide black belt, especially if the skirt is bright, very slimming!

Youth the option to fill in a full skirt MIDI length large t-shirt (a La “boyfriend shirt”) or a t-shirt. Especially interesting is the combination if we are talking about the layered, lush MIDI skirt of tulle (now very fashionable thing!).

Slender girls can afford less usual combinations, such as lush MIDI and blouse style bat.

As upper garment skirt of this cut in the autumn and winter, suitable for both classic coats and cloaks, and the more extravagant things. For example, bright MIDI-skirt, you can try to wear with a short leather jacket or a vest of black leather, rock style.

Shoes to wide MIDI can be both a heel and a flat sole. Stylish option for young slender girls – lush MIDI and converse converse, or boots, or another shoes unisex. The feminine silhouette of the skirt with the shoes will create an interesting contrast of styles!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a MIDI skirt?

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