What to wear with a shift dress?

The straight cut dress can be seen on women of all ages and social statuses: from the students to the first lady! The reason for the popularity of free dresses – they “sit” on different body types and can be made of various materials.

And most importantly – on the basis of direct dresses can create a lot of sets for different occasions! What to wear with sheath – tell website “ToKnow365.top“.

Short straight cut dress: what to wear?

Straight mini dress – it’s gorgeous, which is perfect to show the slender legs!

It is important not to wear a shift mini with deep neckline is too much. To plain short mini dress you can feel free to choose the fishnet tights, tights with interesting prints, contour, etc. it is Also worth to pay attention to leggings and socks that will help to create an interesting image in casual style, based on short straight dresses.

Short loose dress can be worn as tunics with leggings and tight jeans models.

That can be worn over a straight dress? Perfect coat or cardigan oversize!

For example, if you have blue shift dress, to wear it in the fall or spring: light grey coat oversize knee-length, white tights, black boots and black knitted Sodom. The final touch to this image – the red earrings and a red brooch on your coat or on snode.

But you can easily create a classic and elegant manner, having, for example, straight black dress.

What to wear this article of clothing “and in the feast and in the world”: with classic shoes and clutch bag, but also with quality jewelry, or (in a more solemn case) with jewelry. If the shoes and clutch are black or a shade of “Nude” — it will simply look for office, business meetings, etc.

Change shoes and accessories on the color – and the ready set for trips, visits or visits to day social events!

Short dresses straight cut it is not necessary to Supplement the voluminous shapeless bags: it is much better to clear the lines of the silhouette of this dress will fit an envelope clutch or a small purse on a long chain. But if we are talking about the youth image with rough shoes of shoes type, instead of bags you can carry small urban backpack.

Long loose dress: what to wear?

To plain straight cut dress below the knee didn’t look boring “hoodie”, it needs to be supplemented by jewellery and accessories! Good will large pendants, necklace, long the strings of beads, brooches.

If the dress has sleeve to elbow, then pay attention to the bracelets. And remember that it just that case when not to be modest – small items type thin chains, earrings-studs, small pendants, etc. just “lost” against the background of the dress.

Much better look massive decorations!

Black, grey, white, brown, or dark blue dress gives you the opportunity to pick him jewelry in any bright colors!

However, it is worth remembering that if you want to wear large jewelry, rich colors, it is better to stop the choice on the non – shiny jewelry without an abundance of crystals, glass and crystal beads etc.

On the contrary – if you want to add sparkle to the image with a straight dress, it is advisable to avoid bright colors and iridescence.

What to wear with a shift dress MIDI length? It can be interesting to complement is draped on the shoulders with a stole or shawl. This dress can be worn as a long coat and short coat (not fitted style).

What Shoe come to direct the dresses?

If the sheath has a length below the knee – it is necessary to wear with a heel or wedge. Moreover, this rule is more urgent than you have wider hips. Ballet shoes or boots on a flat sole with a long, loose dress can afford only very skinny girls legs”matches”.

And here’s a short (above the knee) straight dresses worn with many shoes and boots with low heels or without heels: chunky boots “type of Doc ‘Martins”, botfortas to go low, with ballet flats and in summer, even with sandals.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a shift dress?

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