What to wear with a skirt in the summer – matching top and shoes, colors and fabrics

What do you associate with summer? The sun, flowers, travel, pleasure?.. And of course, summer skirts – a Flirty and feminine mini Maxi, saturated or pastel shades, with colorful prints and solid… And what to wear with a skirt in the summer and how to combine a skirt with a “top” — will tell the site “ToKnow365.top“!

How to make a set of “skirt+blouse”?

In General, summer fashion simplifies the task of a combination of things: not necessarily to consider four-layer combination of skirt worn most often with one thing “top”. But here we need to learn how to make educated combinations (while not forgetting about the rest of the details!).

For example, how to achieve a harmonious color balance?

May be some win-win options, with than summer to wear a skirt:

  • The blouse is a few shades darker or lighter color of the skirt, but the main color is the same. For example: blue skirt + pale blue top, tender lettuce skirt + dark green t shirt. The same color as the “top”, one can choose shoes or handbag can’t go wrong!
  • The “top” of the spectral opposite color to the color of the skirt. Orange skirt + azure top, yellow skirt and dark blue blouse, etc. If you do not want to radically bright colors – the same principle can be applied to dim and “razbelennye” shades: for example, pale apricot + pale turquoise, lemon + blue…
  • Skirt bright colors, blouse black, white, gray, or brown-beige palette. In this case it is possible to introduce another bright color, such as shoes or accessories.

The second question is: what kind of top to wear a skirt in the summer?

It is clear that you should focus on your body type, but some tips “ToKnow365.top” give!

  • Skirts with high waist (any cut) worn by tucking the top inside. Look beautiful in this embodiment, chiffon blouses, light shirts. If the figure allows, you can fill inside and a fitted top. For the brave – the variant with a short top that opens a small strip of belly above the navel.
  • Skirts with medium and low waist wear, never tucking them in “top”. “Pencils” and Maxi can be worn even with quite a long “riding”, covering the hip – then it is good to catch it with a thin belt at the waist.
  • Mini-skirts (especially lush) look best with a fitted top, but remember the rule – if you open the legs, neck better not to show a deep cleavage in this case is unnecessary! Avoid thin straps combined with mini. But suitable, for example, the style “American” (with open shoulders and closed neckline and neck), as well as various patterns with sleeves.

Something to add to a skirt and top?

But still, sometimes there are cool summer nights, and sometimes just want to complicate and diversify your image.

What else to wear skirts in the summer, what to bring?

  • Two top of one another. One maximally-fitting (it may be, for example, Mike”the alcoholic”), the second highest free – “razlicici”. This couple looks interesting with a Maxi!
  • A vest over blouses, shirts or t-shirts.
  • Light scarf at the neck.
  • Jacket. If the skirt is long, it is better to choose a long jacket, fully covered thigh.
  • Longclaw over the shirt (so that the peeking collar).

What shoes to wear a skirt in the summer?

In this issue means a lot and your complexion and the cut of the skirt!

It is clear that the heat want to abandon heels, and rightly so – the legs of this swollen and tired! What are the skirts you not to torture yourself with heels?

  • Maxi light fabrics. You can wear sandals with lots of straps and bright decor to create an image in hippie style!
  • Skirts – flared, bell – can be worn with ballet flats. A sort of image of the “good girls”!
  • With the MIDI skirts are good, for example, “Roman” sandals.

But the heel generally has no contraindications – it can be worn in any case, if you do not know what to wear with a skirt in the summer! However, this is not necessarily a pin – this summer is much more relevant to the wide stable heel of the shoes and sandals, and still in fashion platform wedge!

Author –Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a skirt in the summer – matching top and shoes, colors and fabrics

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