What to wear with a skirt in the winter?

This article on the website “ToKnow365.top” — for those who can’t imagine themselves in the winter in a skirt. For whom the skirt is the beast untamed, strange and like nothing incongruous…

It is not – you can safely wear a variety of skirts in the cold season feel comfortable in them and look harmonious and stylish! So what to wear with a skirt in the winter?

What skirts to wear in the winter?

Highest temperatures you will be in skirts below the knee – for example, MIDI. Maxi length in the winter is very nice but sometimes inconvenient if you go on foot and use public transport: unfortunately, dirt, slush and wet snow is not always conducive to wearing long skirts.

Straight skirts and pencil skirts – this General-purpose solution to the problem of what to wear under the clothing!

Tapered or straight skirt length at the knee or mid-calf can easily wear with any winter clothing from coats in a short jacket: a mistake is almost impossible!

Mini in the winter – in principle, not excluded. But you should remember a very important point: you wear a short skirt to show bare legs in the cold. Therefore, normal bodily tights with a mini in winter is inappropriate.

Exceptions to this rule are two:

  • You wearing high boots that completely cover the knee. Between the skirt hem and the edge of the shaft remains visible for a maximum of 10-15 cm legs in sheer pantyhose.
  • On top of a thin bodily tights you are going to wear thick knitted stockings or high socks. Shoes can be with a short shaft.

That is, your task is to somehow “decorate” his feet to be seen naked skin. Is there any good opaque tights (plain or printed), leg warmers, socks, woollen stockings, and boots with high tops.

What to wear with a pencil skirt in the winter?

“Pencils” to wear with heels – it is an axiom that should not be broken. Ankle boots with pencil skirt would be appropriate always. As for the boots – choose a model with a fitted shaft.

Maximum boot height in this case is such that the shaft ended in a butt-to-butt with a skirt.

What to wear on top?

Simple daily option – sweater length to mid thigh or jumper. More business set – pencil skirt, blouse and jacket. Sweatshirts and Longsleeves also have the chance to be combined with the “pencil” — for example, if the skirt is denim or color. The cardigan can be worn over skirts and turtlenecks. Luxurious and elegant kit you get when you wear a pencil skirt, turtleneck and fur vest.

MIDI skirt: what to wear in the winter?

MIDI length provides plenty of room for creative sets. Always appropriate sweaters and shirts, but it is important not to overdo it with the length of the “top”.

If you wear a bulky sweater, choose a straight skirt. And Vice versa: a lush skirt – fitted top.

MIDI skirt is a good option if you like to wear in winter, comfortable shoes with low heels or without heel – for example, shoes.

What to wear with a long skirt in winter?

Maxi skirt in the cold time of the year is a good Supplement and short fur coats. Jersey Maxi dress and oversized sweater knit – a combination that “works” always! But, of course, long skirt requires shoes with a heel – no boots, especially ugg boots did not approach her!

And do not be afraid to experiment. If you come up with your own version, what to wear with a skirt in winter – you’ll stand out from 90% of girls who spend seven months a year, not getting out of jeans!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a skirt in the winter?

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