What to wear with a skirt of tulle?

Tulle skirt, which you can see is that in the ballet, came to the podium and decisively conquers the streets! If you love unusual new things, read, what to wear with a skirt of tulle, on the website “ToKnow365.top“!

Tulle skirt: what to wear and how to create interesting images?

Multi-layered skirt made from delicate sheer fabric looks beautiful – very tender and airy! Just remember the images of lovely princesses, graceful dancers…

And that is a major mistake! Tulle skirt in real life it is not necessary to wear with the equally delicate, feminine things risk getting too infantile, “vanilla” look, which fits only the 16-year-old girl to the prom!

A truly “delicious” way out, if you follow the principle of the stylistic contrast in the mix of things.

If you decide to wear a tulle skirt – it is necessary to balance something “heavy”. It can be:

• Clothing, shoes & accessories unisex.
• Sports and semi-sports goods, including sneakers and t-shirts.
• Dense, heavy materials: denim, leather, knit, drape, etc.
• Dark color (if the skirt is gentle or bright shade).
• The abundance of metals in accessories and jewelry.

Fits well with tulle skirt deformalities in various styles: Gothic, punk, rock, etc.

The fluffy skirt of tulle – what to wear?

Lush tulle skirt inevitably focuses on the bottom in the image. But this does not mean that the top should be form-fitting – on the contrary!

Well fill in such a skirt-a pack (if it is a model at the waist) a wide variety of t-shirts. If the “top” is selected is still a fitted top, accessorize it with a short jacket (for example, “black leather jackets”) or a vest. Also good emphasis in the upper part of the volume will serve as a scarf or a big necklace.

Under tulle skirt black, grey or white try to wear colored tights.

If you have a short skirt-tutu tulle – what to wear? The right decision – with a knit top or denim jacket, perhaps – with a shirt and a wide belt at the waist.

Evening look (with a corset, “pin”, fine jewelry, etc.) with a skirt of tulle is also possible – at least, it is very beautiful. But it looks appropriate only for very formal events, and only women to a certain age.

Want to avoid infantilism – let the main color in the image will be black (and a skirt), and dilute the darkness you Shine jewellery.

What Shoe come to fatinovy skirt?

Of course, you care about the question whether a heel? The website “ToKnow365.top” meets the heel is not forbidden (and indeed, any rules in fashion are made to be broken!), but…

Much more interesting are the combinations with the shoes on a flat sole.

For styles of type rock, grunge, punk, etc. – wear tulle skirt with a Doc ‘ Martins, “stilli” or other chunky boots. This contrast will emphasize your elegance and fragility!

If neformals you are not close – try shoes polusportivny style. For example, converse or sneakers of another model.
I want to create a cute and delicate look – the tulle skirt can be combined with espadrilles or ballet flats.

It is not necessary to wear a tulle skirt with open shoes type sandals. In the cold season – choose between as graceful ankle boots or boots, socks and rough boots. The boots can either be high (so the skirt covered the edge of the tops) or very short (like half-boots, ankle boots).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a skirt of tulle?

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