What to wear with a sweatshirt?

Sweatshirt is a must – have wardrobe if you prefer a casual youth-style and you like to make a highlight in your way in the form of a bright unusual prints and images on clothing. To wear sweatshirt and love teenagers, and Hollywood celebrities!

And to buy such a thing is possible with any budget – if you have not yet accumulated on a designer t-shirt from the limited collection with a unique print, you can always get affordable price for “mass consumption”, from the range of cheap brands of sports and youth clothing.

But in fact, and in another you can look great – if you read on the website sympaty.net what it to combine.

What are the sweatshirts?

Sweatshirt – spacious longclaw (sleeve).

Usually made of thick knit. Sleeves or long, or¾. Neck – the regular round. The pockets and zippers from sweatshirts does not happen – otherwise this is not the sweatshirt.

Sometimes switchtime call such a model with a hood. There are sweatshirts with elastic bottom — cylinders, and a direct (or even trapezoidal).

Individual variation – with a wide neckline, it is designed that sweatshirt is worn asymmetrically, dangling a one-shoulder neckline.

It would seem – why so popular among fashionistas acquired such a simple silhouette semi-sports thing?

And the thing that switchto began to print great images – pictures of cartoon characters, celebrity portraits, logos and decals, a variety of the arts from contemporary artists and designers and even reproductions of world masterpieces of painting – for every taste!

Wearing a sweatshirt with “caught” a picture or writing, you can Express yourself, show the world what you care about, what excites you in the moment, etc.

Print as (well size, of course) usually allows you to divide sweatshirts for men and women, after all, cover it, in most cases, the absolute unisex.

What to wear with a t-shirt for women?

Sweatshirt does not involve “compound” – this is the thing for those occasions when you need to quickly get dressed and go to live and enjoy life! So it looks simple combinations of clothing and accessories youth style – casual or swag.

With switchcom good jeans the best-fitting or boyfriend and denim Capri pants and shorts. By the way, the short denim shorts can be worn over a solid colored tights, or high socks.

Tight leggings also a perfect addition to switchto.

And another option – a knitted sports pants, but then this is purely a sports kit, and he was fit to jog or walk your dog in the Park, gym, etc., but not for everyday city life.

If you are not alien to a small outrageous, and you love surprising people with a bold images, try to wear sweatshirt with a knit skirt. It can be Maxi or MIDI, and can – even tight, tight, just below the knee, slit…

Shoes – definitely sporty: sneakers, sneakers, arrowroot, sneakers, etc., Although in warm weather, try ballet flats.

Accessories in the style of dark glasses, knitted or crocheted beanies, scarfs-snudy (we recently reported, what and how to wear a scarf-Snood) , scarves, plastic and/or metal jewellery.

But in fact, if a bright sweatshirt with print bearing any meaning, it is necessary to think ten times what to wear with switchcom in order not to overburden the way extra, complicating the perception of details.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a sweatshirt?

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