What to wear with a warm skirt options for different body types

In this article on the website “ToKnow365.top” I want to share a personal experience. A couple of years ago with the onset of cold weather all of my existing skirts moved “for the winter” in the “summer” Department of wardrobe – and for a long 5-6 months for me it was the season of pants (mostly jeans). In skirts I was freezing, uncomfortable, and models like somehow were not. But now, overcoming your “seasonal skirt the crisis of the genre,” I want to share tips – what to wear with a warm skirt.

What models of winter skirts good for your figure?

Once the concept of “winter skirt” gave rise to my constant way, typical of many women of “uncertain age” in our post-Soviet space: a dull gray-brown straight skirt, put on nehalennia hips, grayish-green sweater and cut-off boots. Look I did not want!

Gradually, I picked up a few convenient and absolutely not “techinah” models warm skirts, wear who can advise women who are prone to “boyish” type of shape (like yours truly):

  • Long knit skirt-pleated. Can be model as the hips and waist.
  • Knit Maxi skirt (straight or pleated).
  • An elongated “pencil” (talking to women with narrow hips or high!).
  • Pencil skirt with peplum.
  • The bell skirt. Length – at least knee-length, though ankle-length: the longer the warmer, in any case, it looks beautiful and feminine!
  • The Godet skirt.

Can do to give General advice to the girls mistakenly consider that how much of years there is better to wear such short skirts, it’s not! First, in a long skirt in winter is really warmer, but if still too cold, wear tights at least three, and no one will ever see! Second, long skirts really adorn all, they are very feminine – unless you want to look older than their years, choose bright colors and come up with unusual combinations, what to wear with a long skirt — you can find the ideas in this article!

What to do if you think you are chubby and can’t figure out what to wear with winter warm skirt? For “delicious” women have very successful models of winter skirts!

  • Knit Maxi. She goes to everyone and involves a lot of options, what to wear with this skirt!
  • “Bell” or bell bottoms with a wide belt at the waist. That is, if you want to avoid the “barrel effect”, which often give a classic straight skirt of the same length.
  • The pencil with a high waist.
  • Skirt”the sun” or a skirt with wedges length, ankle-length or MIDI. This model is good for the image with elements of ethnics, the winter version of the hippie or boho.

What warm things are combined with a winter skirt?

So, skirt’s winter wardrobe chosen, it is necessary to determine what to wear a warm skirt?

What to wear if you are puzzled what to wear winter skirt:

  • Turtleneck or fitted sweater. If the skirt has a higher waist or belt-gum, try to fill these things inside to accentuate the cut of the skirt.
  • Jacket classic cut.
  • Shirt or blouse. For extra warmth they can add a vest, crocheted or knitted tank top.

Well, after starting variations and creative quest!

Propose possible combinations of the basic models of warm skirts:

  • Direct or knitted Maxi skirts combined with cardigans, oversized sweaters, sweaters and jackets casual Dolman, fur or knitted vests over turtlenecks. To add to the way a wide belt at the waist, on top of what you’re wearing – be it a cardigan or vest.
  • A-line skirt or Godet good with a tight-fitting sweater.
  • The pencil can complement any sweater or cardigan (even large, if such a thing is even and not too thick of knitting, it is possible to fill the inside of the skirt), vest, tank top or parkay.
  • “Bell” with any good-fitting “top”

Winter feminine skirt can complement a shawl, stole, knitted drape, scarf-collar , etc.

And I would like to say about the boots. When choosing what to wear a warm skirt, pgov give up – is shoes under pants!

Two universal option – boots with high tops (even their top will not be seen under a long skirt) and ankle boots without tops. “Averaged undefined” options boots tall that way +10 cm above the ankle in combination with any winter skirt visually shorten the legs.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with a warm skirt options for different body types

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