What to wear with boat neckline?

Shallow but wide neckline is called a boat. Undoubtedly, we all have or had things with cut of the type: dresses-“boxes” and dresses “new look”, blouse with sleeves and sleeveless and other garments.

Something to Supplement the boat neckline, advise women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Who is the boat neckline on a dress or top?

Boat has its own characteristics. Due to the longitudinal elongation of this cut visually expands the shoulders and shortens the neck.

As for the Breasts, it will look exactly the size that actually you have.

But here’s the trick: using a closed neckline, you can wear a push-up bra if you want to achieve a larger size, or wear shapewear to lift a large chest.

Best “boat” is women with narrow shoulders, long graceful neck and large or medium-sized Breasts – the body type is typical for your body type “pear” and “hourglass”.

But sometimes there are narrow-shouldered and big-breasted and “apples” — then a fitted top with a boat neckline creates a silhouette of an inverted trapezoid, visually narrowing the waist.

And even if you have an athletic or boyish body type (i.e., narrow hips, small Breasts, softly pronounced waist and, possibly, broad shoulders), it is not necessary to abandon the “boats”!

Just need to find out what to wear with boat neckline to adjust the silhouette.

Also do not forget about the influence of prints on the perception of specific things: vertically oriented patterns visually narrow the shoulders and make you look slimmer, and horizontal stripes and patterns have the opposite effect – so that they should be careful!

The boat neckline: decoration

An elongated cutout is wider to compensate for extra long jewelry is the solution “cut” of the neck. Ideal pendants, pendants, sotware, Lariat, long the strings of beads, etc.

Also the boat will be combined with round and V shaped necklaces, but only those that are below the neckline. But the chokers and short necklaces are not suitable – they will further shorten the neck.

Earrings to this cut can be absolutely any, including large, with long pendants, etc. If you do not want to wear flashy necklaces, or beads, then focus on the extended earrings – thanks to them, the neck will look more graceful.

And if the neck has some jewelry, minimalist earrings limit (for example, pulsetime).

Want to decorate a blouse or dress with a brooch? It is a good decoration under the neckline “boat”! Place your brooch on the side: somewhere between collarbone and mid-chest.

If the dress has a short sleeve or does not have sleeves, so you had a perfect opportunity to wear a bracelet or an interesting wristwatch, or large ring.

What hairstyle under the boat neckline is best?

There are no specific contraindications, you can safely carry all hairstyles and haircuts that suit you.

If you want your neck look longer and thinner, choose a hairstyle with hair raised up: high beams and horse-tails. The owner of long hair can wear them in extended form (smooth or curled).

But in that case, when you are happy with the look of your neck, should not be limited to these categories hairstyles: braid a braid (flat or asymmetric), do the “Greek” cushion, etc. – thanks to the completely open neck and no collar, you available the whole range of hairstyles.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with boat neckline?

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